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In the 50 long years companionship of Dr Rajakumar the veteran director SK Bhagwan had seen him in wild mood only once. It was during the 50’s when ‘Jagajyothi Basaveswhara’ stage play team was camping in Nanjangudu the temple town of Lord Nanjundeswarara.

Rajakumar was applying makeup when the camp owner said ‘Etteya Pardhe…start play in loud voice. GV Iyer the head of the team said he will not lift the ‘Pardhe’ till 3000 rupees is given. The camp owner who brought the team to stage plays said to GV Iyer ‘Nin Bulde Bisniru Kaiyisthini….Pardhe Etlilla Andhre’. This was heard by Rajakumar in the makeup room.

Within seconds Rajakumar lifted a weapon long one and stood in front of camp owner. ‘Iyer Avrannu Muttu nodana…avarannu muttakke munche nin thale uruluthe….Rajakumar shouted at the top of his voice in anger. The camp owner fled away. In fifteen minutes he came with Rs.3000.

Bhagwan was ‘Pratyaksha Saakshi’ to this only wild moment of Dr Rajakumar. After that he had not seen him in such a mood in real life. It was only on silver screen.

The point what Bhagwan stressed was that there was utter difficulty in those days. Believing people was extremely good but even after such intentions there was cheating without giving the agreed amount.

It was GV Iyer right decision not to lift the Pardhe for the play remembers Bhagwan.

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