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Koti producer of Kannada cinema who is having bad luck since a decade in his cinema business Ramu has presented a ‘Rustum’ idea to the Kannada Film Producers Association to increase the cinema halls and also another plan to expand the market for Kannada films in 26 prominent places beyond the boundary of Karnataka.

Firstly producer Ramu of Ramu Enterprises says there is a grave need in want of theatres. From 2000 theatres (including the touring talkies) it has come to 600 screens in Karnataka in 2011.

Every taluk (roughly around 175 taluks in Karnataka) should be equipped with one theatre each with 250 seating capacity and it should be feasible to the borrowing condition of such people without burdening. For this the government subsidy of Rs.25 lakhs and an individual coming forward should invest Rs.25 lakhs. On a 50x70 plot this 250 capacity screen is possible says Ramu.

In the city areas the theatres decrease is not seen with the influx of multiplex culture. It is only in the taluk level he has observed. All theatres with good ambience would definitely increase the demand. The audiences have stopped coming to poor quality theatres. It is another way of respecting them with such theatre culture feels Ramu.

In Mysore area from 280 screens (Mysore Mandya Hassan and interiors) it has come to 50 screens. In Hubli area from 200 screens it is 35 today.

Second brilliant idea mooted by noted producer who has put in Rs.15 crores plus in his four films today says the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has enough funds today.

What best it could do to expand the market is that it should take a theatre in prominent cities of other states and release the Kannada films and take the revenue. For that all Kannada films should be supplied free for one year. This is only to enable the Kannada films stay in other languages as they are riding in Karnataka with number of prints.

After one year there would be definitely good capture of the market and whether the increase of theatres in other places is left to the producer. This is the best way what KFCC could do to get expansion to Kannada films observes Ramu.

The launch of such scheme should happen in a big with the two states chief minister, top stars of both the states participation in it says Ramu.

The first crore producer of Kannada cinema Ramu is launching his next film with Shivarajakumar. That is ‘Simha’. Shivarajakumar was ‘Simhada Mari’ in Ramu banner. This is the sixth combination of Ramu and Shivanna. Earlier they were together for AK 47 (my best so far says Ramu), Bava Bamaidha, Simhada Mari Nanjundi, Rakshasa and Thavarina Siri. Madesh is the director of ‘Simha’ starring Shivarajakumar.

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