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The senior technician, actor and producer V Ravichandran has showed on the spot gratitude to Jagan, actor cum producer of ‘Aadu Aata Aadu’ when he was in Malaysia for the shooting of ‘Kalla Malla Sulla’.

Out of gratitude V Ravichandran agreed to appear for flashy 10 seconds shots for ‘Aadu Aata Aadu’ that has in fact put Jagan in a very happy mood. The shooting was held in Malaysia. Jagan thanks V Ravichandran for coming to the help of a newcomer.


For the first time producer the film field ‘Jagathu is Rana Ranga’. For Jagan also the experience is similar but he has sailed against the rough weather. The delay is the main botheration for him. Secondly the actress Shruthi Prakash, thirdly the accident to his right hand troubled him in the clean process of the film. More than a year for this film completion has not disturbed Jagan yet because the film ‘Adu Aata Aadu’ has some positive energy. In the original film ‘Thiruttu Payale’ it was on a negative shade. We have not made is look negative and for the hero in the end it is a life here while original film killed the hero says  dark complexioned and handsome looking Jagan  on his first venture ‘AAA’ that is at the  DI stage.

Speaking to media persons this hardcore Kannadiga said he is a distributor of 40 plus Kannada films from the student life. Also a realtor Jagan remembers paying Rs.24000 in the 90’s for a big producer for distribution that is not yet recovered. He hails from Davanagere and by accident he became the hero. After becoming the hero with 20 days training he had seen the magic of cinema making.For AAA the resort of Captain of Jet Airways on Airport Road is an additional attraction. In Mysore, Eagleton Club, Malaysia and Bengaluru we have shot for the film. Jagan took training for 20 days and then appeared before the camera.

With ‘AAA’ coming to one stage he is now in three films one by one. 645 films character artist Bank Janardhan’s son Guruprasad is turning director. It is titled as ‘Lovva Davva’ (actor Anirudh film was titled with the same name). The other two films of Jagan are ‘Gujari’ and ‘Somari’.  For ‘Somari’ Jagan is the producer. It is on corruption in the society – there are six shades for the film.


The debutant producer Jagan as hero too in ‘Aadu Aata Aadu’ audio was released by noted director Guruprasad. Addressing the media at the audio release Guruprasad frankly disclosed the way in which Jagan invited him. ‘Sir Yaaru Doddoru Siglilla sir Neevu Barbeku’ is what Jagan said impressed me said Guruprasad. The piracy is not coming to an end is disgusting. For films songs minimum of Rs.15 lakhs is spend and in 10 seconds it is copied and pirated should go urged Guruprasad.

Anand Audio Mohan who is also disgusted with the piracy system stated that when he was selling audio cassette at Rs.19 Torino rate was one rupee. Now it is Rs.15. correspondingly audio has no jump. When I sold 13000 cassettes of Nanjundi Kalyana I was given a vehicle as gift. Today 500 to 1000 CD sales become difficult. How can we pay attractive prices? Mohan asked.

The audio CD of ‘AAA’ was picked from a pot by Guruprasad, music director Manohar, director Ramnath Rigvedi, hero cum producer Jagan and cameraman P Ravi, actor Mithra were present.

Music director explained how this project came to the hands of Jagan and then to director Ramnath Rigvedi. Manohar has suggested some changes to the original when it was brought to Kannada.

Whatever I want to say Manohar has said director Ramnath Rigvedi. Actor and producer Jagan sought the support of the media for the success of the film.

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