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Among the three stalwarts Dr Vishnu is not with us – he is in our memories – his 61 Janumadhina, superstar Upendra 43rd and actor par excellence Shruthi’s 35th birthday celebrations were held in Bengaluru at different places.

DR VISHNUVARDHANA – This is the second year in the absence of the icon the birth anniversary is celebrated by family members, industry friends and thousands of fans all over Karnataka.

The attendance at Dr Vishnu memorial next to Abhiman studio was huge. Dr Bharathi came after inauguration of the Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhana Vishranthi Vana opposite the house of Dr Vishnu at 1 pm and offered prayers and petals to the ‘cremation’ place.

The homoeopathy camp, eye test and blood donation registrations were held at this place. Venkatesh a fan of Dr Vishnuvardhana arranged for Palav, Mosranna and Laddu at this place with sufficient water to drink.

The fans of Dr Vishnuvardhana were upset because the Karnataka film chamber of commerce has not given permission to install a statue at office premises where Dr Rajakumar idol is also situated. They shouted slogans and KFCC members were not there to react to the demand of Dr Vishnuvardhana fans.

UPENDRA – The rush of fans started right from morning at Upendra residence and he cut countless number of cakes at his residence in Kathriguppa colony.

The 43 birthday one of the towering personalities of Kannada cinema Upendra was in grand. He set aside Sunday to meet the fans.

The family members, children, wife Priyanka joined in the cake cutting inside the house. Upendra cutting the cake brought by the fans and put it to their mouths.

The police had to intervene to keep the fans in queue system and mild lathi charge also took place.

SHRUTHI – I don’t hide my age. I am 35. The actress of high caliber stated on her birthday on the sets of ‘PATAISU’. Shruthi with her daughter Gowri cut the cake with the production unit and had rejoicing moment.

Shruthi felt happy for celebrating the birthday on the sets. She remembered the Dr Vishnuvardhana and herself celebrating birthday on the sets of S Narayan’s ‘Veerappanayaka’ shooting in Belgaum. That is most memorable she stated in her statement.

‘Pataisu’ in the direction of Nandakishore (son of actor Sudhir) stars Raghu and Aishwarya Nag has a prominent role to actress Shruthi.

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