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Posted date: 26 Mon, Sep 2011 ? 11:26:31 PM

Is it going to jell well? A horror and comedy dosage – Rakshita who is blowing with happiness operating her mobile phone BB asked the media friends. See my proud son Suya….I have only one picture of my father in this mobile, Rakshita smilingly showed it.

For the question what next Rakshita replied it is ‘Horror movie’, I want to add comedy to it she stated and said this is the first film I have done. Let me relax. So much of hard work and tension went in she pointed.

Rakshita the smiling lady always has a piquant situation. Firstly there is no time to smile and secondly if we smile, it is mistaken in the industry more drawing inferences. I am scared to smile at time she explained.

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