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Posted date: 27 Tue, Sep 2011 ? 03:55:08 PM

irector of high reputation P Vasu is back with a big personality of Kannada cinema Upendra once again after blockbuster ‘Aptha Rakshaka’ the 200th film of Dr Vishnuvardhana.

Here is a fine buffet from P Vasu, utopian Upendra and producer Krishna Prajwal – ‘Arakshaka’

The dexterous director P Vasu says the film is screenplay based and last 20 minutes answers all doubts in audience. In fact it makes the audience to come second time and clap wherever he missed before last 20 minutes of the film. That is the intelligence of putting things by this director. This is Uppi Special that appeals to normal and high class audience.

Director P Vasu has not taken up the film of Upendra just like that. He had seen the films of A, Upendra, Raktha Kanneeru and Super before speaking to him. You would see a great performer in Upendra. The dialogue oriented actor would not disappoint anyone promises P Vasu. This will be a perfect buffet. I see the range of how Soundarya had performed in Upendra performance in climax adds the delectable director P Vasu. The songs of Gurukiran have come out well and the heroines have good job in this film P Vasu further states.

I have not seen this kind of ‘Vichitra’ script says Upendra. What exact meaning you give for ‘Different’ it is in this film. Even after hearing 10 times I am not able to tell. It is really different and the director in me did not come out. Only the actor came out informed Upendra.

I have learnt a lot. What I could learn from five films it was here in this film to take knowledge in acting said the doctor in the film actress Ragini. A glamorous doctor too.

Producer Krishna Prajwal was lauded for his understanding of the film and giving it right. He says the talkie is over and for songs Indonesia will be the place to shoot three songs. He has plans to release in November.

The song sequence at Kamalammana Gundi at Mahalakshmi layout was with huge turnout of fans watching it. Anna Hazare and flags were also seen around.

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