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Posted date: 05 Wed, Oct 2011 ? 11:08:13 AM

Here is a rare development in Kannada cinema. Two of the viewers Leelashanker  and Nana Gowda Biradar have come forward to take the risk of releasing again ‘I am Sorry Mathe Banni Pritsona’ with the name ‘Mathe Banni Pritsona’. The duo friends from Mandya had taken the support of rebel star Ambarish in this decision. First they showed the film to Ambarish twenty days ago and then they had a discussion with the director and producer of the film Ravindra.
After Ambarish full support and appreciation they now release the film investing Rs.25 lakhs. I am sorry Mathe Banni Pritosona was released on 17th of June 2011. The film ‘Gun’ released around that time also had the scope for releasing again but it did not bring results.
How it would be for ‘Mathe Banni Pritsona’? According to Ambarish Kannada people should watch this kind of well made film. There are so many good points in the film. As a first time director Ravindra has done a fine job. It did not run in the first run and removed after days is his ‘Sankata’. I urge people of Karnataka to watch this film.
I experienced the feel of Puttannaji my mentor in cinema Ambarish stated and he wished all the success for the film.
Actor Prem and Sanjaana were present at the announcement of release of ‘Mathe Banni Pritsona’ on 21st of October felt very fortunate for another opportunity coming to the film.
Premkumar lovely star of Kannada cinema would like to travel all over the state to bring awareness on the film. Sanjaana says that she has performed in a matured role in the film.
Producer cum director Ravindra thanked Ambarishji and two friends Leelashanker and Nana Gowda Biradar who have come to release again.
Tabla Nani was immediately recognized by Ambarish at Gold Finch Hotel when he came to take the blessings of Ambarish. He was asked to sit next to him. Tabla Nani played the blind musician in the film.
One missed opportunity in Telugu for ‘I am Sorry Mathe Banni Pritsona’ is likely to reopen. An actress like Anushka Shetty watched the film in Narthaki theatre in the afternoon show on release day. The king of box office Nagarjuna evinced interest in seeing this film but he had to put a break to his idea because Ravindra in Bengaluru removed the film after three days out of dejection.
The knocking is still going on Telugu but the news from Tamil Nadu is that topnotch Parthibhan has showed interest in producing this in Tamil with Madhavan in the lead role.
Parthibhan has also showed interest in playing Tabla Nani role in Tamil version. Ravindra will be directing the film in Tamil.
Meanwhile the bad luck for Ravindra comes from the television channels. He was asked to give the satellite rights for Rs.1 crore and 11 lakhs. After he withdrew the film within three days the offer was Rs.40 lakhs for satellite channel.
What happens to Ravindra Rs.3 crore invested film that was released on 17th June 2011 and releasing again now? Kalaya Thasmai Namaha!

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