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Only the invitation has been printed as November 4 for ‘Madhuve Mane’ a film with lot of surprises quite often in the film. Rehman feeling tensed on his five crores investment. He has sought the help of producer K Manju for release. There is very good support from K Manju and there is no doubt about it. K Manju after taking a look at the film ‘Madhuve Mane’ agreeing to the call of golden star Ganesh has made up his mind to release the film.

For print and publicity K Manju is investing the film in ‘Manju Movies’ and not allowed Rehman to sell the film to other distributors. On this confidence producer Rehman is also hoping for good returns.

Five songs and clips of the film ‘Madhuve Mane’ points to another big venture and the quality and substance of the film is terrific. Kudos to first time big screen director Sunilkumar Singh! Sunilkumar says my debut film ‘Madhuve Mane’ has been carefully selected and elected for people acceptance. Good encouragement is given good cinema is possible. This film would give good thrill and entertain says confident Singh.

A good film needs expenditure. When we say people watch other language films we should make such competitive films. That calls for good investment. If the film is good audience would definitely come. I have got good support for this film because of Ganesh. I need the support of media stated Rehman.

Golden star Ganesh is very happy with the result of the film and he hopes for a big win from Madhuve Mane.

Producer K Manju turned distributor for outside banner film for the first time says he has seen the most difficult days of Rehman. He has made lovely films in the past Yajamana and Huchcha. He should win from this film and he should stop making films producer K Manju gave a suggestion.

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