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When the attention was drawn on the catch line in the film ‘Kickgu Sai Kissgu Sai’ below ‘Aata’ title the sprightly Vibha Nataraj took it very cool and told you have to watch it in the theatres. It is a suspense part how can I reveal she batted the question like the true modern days girl.

Actress Vibha Nataraj hailing from Chennai has made her debut in Shailendra Babu production ‘Aata’ with Sumanth Shailendra.

Educated and intelligent Bharathanatyam dancer Vibha Natarajan praised producer Shailendra Babu for looking after like a daughter. Director Vijayakumar is also a very cool and no tension person. This film is a perfect film and you have everything what audiences want in this film. From children to aged can watch this film.

Vibha Nataraj a student of Smt Chitra Vishweshwaran in Bharatanatyam says it has helped her in emoting and she has a dance show in the film. At this time the hero Sumanth is attracted she says. Drawing her attention on Sumanth the actress say he has done well in stunts and I could not reach to his level in dance admitted Vibha. Sumanth has jumped from a height without any help is wonderful pointed the debutant actress.

Compliments to Vibha because she spoke in Kannada and that she has picked in four months of her call sheet for ‘Aata’ of Shailendra Productions.  ‘I did not know Kannada one word four months back and today I can manage to speak’ said Vibha Natarajan.

Vibha has a bubbly and talkative role in the film. She has collected tears especially when she was performing for ditching by the boy friend. I don’t have a boy friend in real life. I went to the gloomy mood and performed.

As a matter of fact Vibha Natarajan cried for the audition delivering the dialogues. Director Vijayakumar wanted Viibha to emote naturally without any glycerin. She did when producer and director come to Chennai to select her. I do cry in the film that has once again come out naturally she says smilingly.

In Tamil actress Vibha Nataraj is performing in ‘Madalmai Pune’ and producer Shailendra Babu offered another film on the spot at the Bell Hotle media meet for Vibha Natarajan. Oh it is nice I would do ‘Aata’ part 2 disclosed the beautiful actress Vibha Natarajan.

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