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Posted date: 04 Fri, Nov 2011 ? 02:06:18 PM

The vengeance off late cropped between producer BK Srinivas and director Prem has resulted in a cold war. For the insult of not inviting to the 50th day of ‘Jogaiah’ – distributor of the film BK Srinivas is showing his feelings to director Prem? It appears so. That is because the same BK Srinivas saved the director Prem from problems and announced in front of a few friends – let Prem do three films a year I will be the producer. For that Prem reacted he is ready to do two films a year not three.

With such a good correlation between BK Srinivas and Prem has gone wrong means it is the ‘Jogaiah’ effect.

Now coming to the point – ‘Adda’ title is in custody of BK Srinivas. He acquired it from producer Sa Ra Govindu of Thanu Chitra. Sa Ra Govindu registered it when the title registered by director Prem via Dashavara Chandru lapsed and no one touched it for 45 days.

BK Srinivas asked for the title and Sa Ra Govindu given it with a smile. Now for a local channel director Prem is telling that he is doing ‘Adda’ a remake of Subramanyaapura in the direction of Mahesh Babu. Prem made this announcement on the 50th day of Jogaiah and recently BK Srinivas given newspaper ad saying he is doing ‘Adda’ in the direction of Santhu who is directing ‘Alemari’.

‘Nan ‘Adda’ yaru Barabardhu! I am taking up this film next year. Let Prem keep it as ‘Prem Adda’. KFCC cannot register such titles.

Prem does not have the face to ask me to leave the title for him. BK Srinivas is sure that Prem will not ask him this title.

BK Srinivas ‘Adda’ is original one. Santhu is finalizing the script. Director Prem’s ‘Adda’ is a remake of ‘Subramanyapura’. That will be a home banner film of director Prem. He will be producing and acting in it.

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