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The stylish actor from Kannada cinema Sudeep on the raging controversy happened on Nehru Grounds at Hubli on November 1, 2011 stated that the fans and closets move with stars should not use the stars name as protection.

This is what happened that enraged me. Shivanna family I respect very much. I have not said anything wrong to anyone but men around my senior created a ruckus. Shivanna is not aware what happened. Raganna in fact brought the situation under control. The first thing I did after the incident is that I went to the room where Shivanna and Geetha madam were staying and explained the whole situation. Till that time he was not aware of anything. I had Kopa and Bejaru so I did not taken part in the presentation celebrations says Sudeep.

‘I have come from a respected family where the respect is taught’. When I came to film industry 16 years I valued the elders always. There is a gap between me and Shivanna. He is such a senior. I cannot fill that seniority by any means. When we played the tournament last year it is we kept it as ‘Dr Raj Cup’.

When people are forcing me one of the hands come to pull my shirt and beat me. At this time I got wild and I too have hands to hit. It is easy for those who stay with stars to bring in fear. We are not rowdies. We are actors.

I have nothing against Shivanna. He is a legend already. There is not even an iota of revenge on such a respected actor. There is nothing wrong in fighting or infighting. We should fight in ourselves for good products to Kannada cinema industry.

The media wrote and someone said I am planning Dr Vishnu cup and I did not give chance to Shivanna at CCL. All such are craps. I am doing a cinema with Shivanna. That was discussed long ago.

On the comment passed by Arbaz Khan at CCL that all Karnataka Bulldozers team are not actors but University players, Sudeep captain of Karnataka Bulldozers said it is true. We are all educated from Universities first.

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