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Posted date: 12 Sat, Nov 2011 ? 10:05:14 AM

Here is a classic example of a producer daughter giving a golden advice. It is sad it could not be taken for various reasons. The purpose of this write up is not to hurt anyone. It is only to explain NM Suresh daughter excellence in thinking. A student of 10th standard NM Suresh daughter at Jordon shooting of ‘Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu’ told her Pappa ‘you don’t have respect here, why do you make a film’. Can you sustain Rs.3 crores spent so far?  Then say stop for ‘Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu’ was the verdict of NM Suresh daughter.

NM Suresh remembers this sitting at City Institute. Had I agreed for it, I would have saved Rs.5 crores. I would have been in a comfortable spot today. NM Suresh with due respect to Shivarajakumar says he had all the problems from director Raghuram. I have continued the film only because of exemplary nature of Shivarajakumar says Suresh who has lost heavily only because of director Raghuram.

Take a look at the charges of NM Suresh on Raghuram:


  • Raghuram has totally failed in giving convincing film. He should have understood it is a life for him first.

  • For a debutant who will give opportunity to shoot in Seven Wonders of the world asks NMS.

  • All my directors and new introductions – 20 plus so far have flourished. Only Raghuram is not getting opportunity shows his capability.

  • Raghuram did not arrange for chat shows of Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu. Nowhere film discussion was planned.

  • Zee Kannada taken the television right. There was no program at all in that channel.

  • For CNN film the travel around Karnataka was also necessary that did not strike the director.
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