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The director of Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu Raghuram who was taken to task by producer NM Suresh is irked with the allegations made on him.

Reading the article in, Raghuram writes like this:


Happened to read your article in Firstly I want to thank Mr. N M Suresh for giving me an opportunity to direct his movie "Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu"..

I was in fact surprised to read the allegations against me by the Producer Mr. N M Suresh..

To clarify these allegations, i would rather say few words NOW...

1. Raghuram has totally failed in giving convincing film. He should have understood it is a life for him first.

Ans: Where was this statement when the movie was released..?? He was the one who committed in front of everybody (before and after the release) that he would be doing 3 consecutive movies with me... I never asked him to give me an opportunity to direct (I was very well placed in my work).. The most surprising factor is Why is he commenting after one and half yrs of release...

2. For a debutant who will give opportunity to shoot in Seven Wonders of the World asks NMS.

Ans: I am very thankful to him for giving me an opportunity and he was the one who was very inspired with the script and was behind me to direct since 2006.. I never asked him to launch me in his banner as a debutant as a director...

3. All my directors and new introductions – 20 plus so far have flourished. Only Raghuram is not getting opportunity shows his capability.

Ans: Apart from 2 directors please ask him to name who is busy with the Directing of films or hit films... I completely agree i didn’t have films immediately to direct, as N M Suresh and his banner's luck was with me till now.. Now that the luck started fading away, I am happy to inform that I am directing a movie in Shankar Production and the producer is Shankre Gowda...

 4. Raghuram did not arrange for chat shows of Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu. Nowhere film discussion was planned.

Ans: I think he had totally forgotten (during this interview) as I have a copy of promotional programs which was done for various channels... After the release, let him show what he has done to sustain his movie (which he always said)

5. Zee Kannada taken the television right. There was no program at all in that channel.

Ans: I think Mr. N M Suresh has totally forgotten that apart from paying a royalty of Rs. 10 lakhs for the audio release event, the channel had aired this program before release for 4 times.. When there is no option in the channel to air Programs based on films, how can I be responsible to do so.. ??

6. For CNN film the travel around Karnataka was also necessary that did not strike the director.

Ans: My film was released on 6th Aug 2010... We went to Mysore, Mandya on 8th Aug (theatre visit) along with Shivanna, Sonal Chauhan and Prem... Please ask Mr. N M Suresh who took the entire responsibility of this travel expenses??

The Producer is responsible to take the entire crew throughout for promotion and not a Director’s job...

He showed his capability in this short trip which was enough to stop Karnataka round up...

Apart from all these, I would like to say few things:

  • It’s not the job of Debutant Director to go to channels and negotiate the highest price for satellite rights.
  • it’s not the job of Debutant Director to negotiate Audio rights, video rights.
  • it’s not the job of Debutant Director for the 30- 35 hoardings throughout Bangalore city (peak junctions) (without the cost printing and mounting) worth Rs. 25 Lakhs...
  • It’s not the job of Debutant Director for the late release and making the movie STALE (who finished the shooting in 58 days)..

Last but not the least, I would like to convey my BEST WISHES for his upcoming projects..

Thank you, Regards,

Raghuram, Director of Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu


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