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The talkative person with good knowledge is very much required. How the film is presented on screen and whether it would bring back the investment is the next important factor.

Thimmaraju as writer and director has won in the first leg and final leg is the audience acceptance he is eagerly waiting for his film ‘Aravinda’…a True Indian.

In his speech cum singing at Aravinda Audio release in the presence of KFCC President KV Chandrasekhar the director given good information about the film and out of happiness sung a few lines of four songs of his film ‘Aravinda’.

I know that I have taken the risk but what I want to say for 120 crore people of this country is that they should have the feel of patriotism is that the individual love is next to ‘Desha Prema’. I have made all lazy people to think. The youths especially should think – as Kannadiga in six crores population how one has to live giving respect and love to the state is explained. Thimmaraju has directed ‘Kalarava’ children film in the past and won state award.

After hearing the enthusiasm of the director Thimmaraju KFCC President KV Chandrasekhar stated that there is a grave need to get knowledge and then making a film. What people want and how they should be satisfied should be looked at. On this occasion KFCC KVC urged the reaction from concerned audio houses when police raid piracy operators and bring it to the notice of KFCC.

Aravind Raj is the debut actor trained in Abhinaya Tharanga. NS Prabhakar is the music director of this film. Aishwarya from Dharwad studying in LLB is making debut in love cum revenge portions.

Amit Poojari is the new man in the audio industry. He has launched his Khushi Audio via ‘Aravind’…a True Indian Kannada cinema.

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