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‘Kannada cinema industry is the cruelest industry for the supporting cast’ – many of the supporting actors are left in lurch today – take for example Sadashiva Brahmavar, Dingri Nagaraj, Umesh and various others. They have not been looked after well says Lohitashva senior character artist as if he is the ambassador of supporting artists of the Kannada cinema industry.

Some of them not making a ground is their ‘Swayamkrutha Aparadha’ you ask him, Lohitashva at 70 years of age already gulping a few pegs at the get together part of ‘Sarathi’ says it is true. Persons like Vajramuni made a good ground for their life. Why this Kannada cinema industry back out in backing the supporting artists and bring in actors from other languages he asks immediately. That is a prerogative of the producer and the demand of the producer this senior Lohitashva is not ready to accept.

Known as stormy petrel from his heydays in cinema this father of three children and actor of 567 (his daughter stopped keeping count after it) movies in Kannada cinema Lohitashva is very proud on the performance of his son Sharat Lohitashva in Kannada. I see all films of my son. I give my opinion. He is the best son for me he says and suddenly checks his memory for the insult to his son Sharat Lohitashva. He was team mate of Anil Kumble in cricket, a solid bowler. No one gave him chance in the Dr Raj Cup. Why such insult asks the father.

Lohitsahva was in good mood to speak. I don’t depend on film acting income. I have enough from my teaching profession pension. I had stopped acting after an operation he says. Because I was compelled and told that I will be taken in a ‘Dholak’ to deep 1200 feet for shoot in ‘Sarathi’ I agreed. Veteran actor Lohitashva accepted this offer after compulsion. He is happy because Darshan and Dinakar looked after him like how they used to take care of Toogudeepa Srinivas, father of the two. Old memories came to my mind. Toogudeepa used to cajole me why double salary for me – one from my teaching and the other one from cinema acting. Lohitashva thanked the general public for the success of ‘Sarathi’. He is hoping for a different kind of party from producer KV Sathyaprakash.

Lohitashva is a daring actor and speaker to too. He questioned a journalist who asked on the collection of ‘Sarathi’ in the last 50 days. It is not media look out he said. When he told what nonsense is told is reported in the media why not the facts and figures straight from horse mouth is reported he shut his mouth. Writing the huge collection is the prestigious for Kannada cinema industry. If the industry is worried on income tax collection it is doing the cheating in that case was brought to his notice. For showing the Kannada industry market strength we have to write on the collection was told to him. Lohitashva lit the cigarette and relaxed on making a bad move in his question.

Very talented as professor and actor Lohitashva had done a pretty good job recently at Arkalgud function. Dr Vishnuvardhana fans honored him with shawl, trophy, garland and fruits. At the same function he came to know a girl student of ‘Idli and Ragi Ball’ canteen owner daughter secured high marks in SSLC examination. Lohitashva invited the girl and made her to sit on his chair and handed over everything given to him for that intelligent student.

We should do works that satisfy our heart said the professor and touched his fourth peg and eighth chicken piece!

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