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Back to normalcy and clearing all the reported news in the media Darshan was happy because for his forthcoming film ‘Chingari’ Rs.70 lakhs was asked for Mysore area but the results of Sarathi from the same area is Rs.4 crores. How did it happen? challenging star Darshan asked very politely addressing the media on Friday night at the get together of ‘Sarathi’ success meet!

According to sources the gross earning for ‘Sarathi’ in 50 days from 95 to 147 theatres all over Karnataka is Rs.25 crores that includes the theatre rent. That is the success of ‘Darsahan Sarathya’!

The purpose of Darshan was to explain the scaling of heights in the market. Reacting to some of the reports that brothers have swallowed the ‘Sarathi’ producer Darshan said it is totally false. The budget of ‘Sarathi’ compared to his earlier films is up by Rs.30 lakhs. I have not snatched any area for me and my brother Dinakar. I told the producer to give my remuneration and Dinakar after the collection of Mysore and Chitradurga area.

I have taken 50 percent of my earlier film remuneration is because of KCN Chandrasekhar. The earlier film with him ‘Bhupathi’ flopped. When a film like ‘Navagraha’ was planned I explained that the remuneration was not there for me and my brother in that film. It has to be there in the film we work together. Further I told the producer that my brother increased the budget for ‘Jothe Jotheyali’. From Rs.1 crore it went up by 75 lakhs. ‘JJ’ first home banner film also made excellent business after 100 days we made others to reap the benefits Darshan recalled from his memory.

Darshan agreed that his travel of ‘Sarathi’ given good results. In many places there was good reception. In a place near Belgaum after ‘Annavru’ Gokak Chaluvali no actor went there made some good difference for Sarathi. The C centers where Rs.1 lakh was collection it made more than Rs.5 lakhs.

Darshan is also extremely happy for the exhibitors in six places conducting the 50 days event from 22nd of this month.

Darshan normally appreciate his brother Dinakar but for ‘Sarathi’ tremendous success he lauded his fatso brother Dinakar Toogudeepa.

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