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Posted date: 21 Mon, Nov 2011 ? 10:27:55 AM

At Shikshakara Sadhana opposite Cauvery Bhavan on Sunday morning the attendance was huge for the audio release of BK Srinivas Sri Harsha Productions ‘Bagirathi’ audio release. The crowd puller in this audio release was producer BK Srinivas and additional crowd added up because of power star Puneeth Rajakumar who was the guest to release the V Manohar scored songs of ‘Bhagirathi’ Kannada cinema. This film has been selected for 42 Goa International Film festival starting this month end int he Premier section.
Out of tension producer Srinivas in his welcome address forgot to mention the name of Power star Puneeth Rajakumar. He has mentioned all tom dick and Harry and audience at the audio release screamed that producer has not mentioned Puneeth Rajakumar name. Srinivas immediately corrected his mistake.

In his address BK Srinivas said there should not be differences between art and commercial cinema. Cinema made should be made to reach the audience is my opinion he stated.

KFCC Prsident KV Chandrasekhar in his short address said Srinivas lost in his first time. I told him to acquire experience and then make a film. Now in ‘Bhagirathi’ he is with my Guru Dr Baraguru Ramachandrappa. I hope he will not lose he pointed.

Sambhavane beda Samvedhane is important disclosed the brilliant professor and eloquent speaker. I had the ‘Srujanashilathe Swatantrya’ to make this film. It is BK Srinivas ‘Nayakathva’ and Krishnaprasad ‘Karyathatva’ the film ‘Bhagirathi’ is ready today said Prof Baraguru.

In his well measured words Baraguru praised the No.1 star of today Puneeth Rajakumar for maintaining the tradition of ‘Annavru’. Kannada Manassu, Moulya Kattidha Kutumba is Dr Raj family mentioned Baraguru. I was not walking mate of Annavru but talking mate he disclosed.

Baraguru is a silent man with notable works. He has done well in this film too stated Dr Chandrasekhar Kambara who received the special honor for his Jnanapeeth award.

Addressing the mammoth attendance Puneeth rajakumar stated that he has high respect for Prof Baraguru.  Manohar is one my favorite music directors said Puneeth and made a pertinent point that he does not see the film as art or commercial. I see the film as a good film or bad film.

Music director V Manohar composer of six songs for the film introduced all the singers Abhimanyu, Archana Udupa, Harsha, Kushala actress RT Rama daughter, Mysore Janni son Chintan Vikas, Anuradha Bhat and all the singers rendered the song in the album live.

The star cast except Kishore and Srinath were present at the grand audio release on Sunday morning. All the attended received CD and Laddu free from Ashwini Media Network Private limited headed by Krishnaprasad.

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