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Posted date: 23 Wed, Nov 2011 ? 12:30:30 PM

‘Psycho’ Kannada film director who gathered more attention for his new thoughts than the box office attention is back in the saddle after three years. Devadath with an untitled film for Kalabhaireshwara Creations Kumbra Raghunath Rai started the film in simple and notable way.

KFCC President KV Chandrasekhar announcing the start of the film of Kalabhaireshwara Creations moved the curtains at Renukamba Digital theatre and the triangular shaped advertisement carrying the head of the director on a two wheeler with arrow, horse and a Mantap indicated so many things.

The director of the film Devadath wants to give the title for the film on the audio release day and till then hold the attention for his film. One of the songs would explain the title of this film and then it will be registered in KFCC. Once again Devadath is moving on to a socially relevant contemporary subject. There will be known faces in the cast. In the last three years Devadath has done lot of analysis on his cinema and read the pulse of the audience to some extent. Two of the producers backed out after hearing his subject and requirement. Kumbra Raghunath Rai has come forward with all help for the film.

However Devaduth has started this film although late only because of the encouragement he got for his film ‘Psycho’. On the new thoughts he is using for his film Devadath prefers not to call it as a gimmick.

K Raghunath Rai has produced one film Kanchildha Bale under Kalabhaireshwara creations and two films Maribale and Shuklambaradharam are under some other banner.

The common audience Veeresh was invited on stage at the lighting of nine lamps with the background song Hachcheveu Kannadadha Deepa…. Senior journalist Ganesh Kasargod, Dr Vijayakumar, Psycho producer Gurudut, industrialist Venkappa Hegde, Builder Ravi, Somanna, Kemparaj, Bhushan Geechi were also on the dais.

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