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Posted date: 24 Thu, Nov 2011 ? 11:21:28 PM

The multi talented Jaggesh has developed the idea of going to people in nook and corner of Karnataka and asking them why they are not coming to the theatres.

Jaggesh with 25 years plus actors wants to move around and mention to the people that it is they who nourished for so many years. This is the only option left to get the audience to the Kannada films say Jaggesh. Jaggesh is not using this for any political purposes but only for getting audience to save the Kannada cinema industry.

Jaggesh was also with many others issues spoke to media in front of the mike and also at party time.

·         Yajamana Illadha Mane Majjige Illadha Oota – is the situation of Kannada cinema industry today.

·         Huli, Hebbuli was Dr Rajakumar. He went and even Vishnuji also left this earth. We need a strong leader who can dictate to the non Kannada language films.

·         The multiplex and malls are not here to support Kannada films. They see Kannada films vanish one day.

·         I am seriously talking to Shivarajakumar on what has to be done in future. Want to move around and before that setting aside some of the issues within us are important.

·         We have gang wars, infighting and rubbing shoulders should stop.

·         The introduction of percentage system is best suited. Kannada films make collections but it is fed to the exhibitor’s rentals.

·         I was not given theatre in Chitradurga. The exhibitors ask me to suggest for all language films to come in Kannada – dub non Kannada films to Kannada. I scolded him left right and center.

·         When the good friend K Manju after agreeing not to release with his film ‘Bodyguard’ came I felt very bad.

·         I decided a new yardstick for the second week run of my films. I voluntarily asked the exhibitors to remove my film in the second week. They were baffled. When they said it becomes difficult I suggested them to work out on percentage on the collection.

·         That has made me to collect Rs.31.5 lakhs. In case there was no competition to my film from golden star Ganesh ‘Madhuve Mane’ I would have earned Rs.70 lakhs profit.

·         Kannada films do get share but it has to be gathered in right way. In our days it was Rs.10 000 is today Rs.30000.

·         In the northern Karnataka we will lose Kannada if the situation is not controlled. The Telugu and Tamil films were not in lavish scale. It has spread today.

·         First thing is without ‘Dovvu’ Bashabimana is important. The cooperation for Kannada films is needed. For Shoki films should not be released. It is nothing but theatre full and Galla Nill!

·         I am not going to move with the young breeds. They should know nothing happens from ‘Paper Tiger’ culture. This page 3 build up should be stopped and be serious in work to live long.

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