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The synonym to comedy roles and good writer Padmasri awarded Vivek of Tamil films is inviting former President of India Dr APJ Adbul Kalam sometime in January 2012 at Tsunami affected area Kaduluru for planting the 12th lakh sapling. Dr Kalamji is a fan of me but I have become indebted to him after I read his book that consisted of a poem on tree. The revolution in planting saplings Vivek has named as ‘Green Kalam’. Even the timber merchants joined my movement for planning 2 lakh saplings of timber plant says Vivek.


It is because of Dr Kalam I took up sapling of plants and in two years I under took 11 lakh saplings were put up in many places. Now the time has come for the 12th lakh sapling.


It is based on this ‘Trees’ I am taking up my first film direction in Tamil in future says Vivek the darling of comedy today.


The speedster in dialogues, witty in all his portions in over 500 Tamil films VIVEK the finest side kick is making debut in Kannada film ‘Maaricha’. He will be delivering the Kannada dialogues and dubbing on his own in this bilingual Kannada and Tamil film that held the script Pooja today morning at Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara temple today morning.


Vivek was in garden city Bengaluru to take part in the Pooja and he is a best friend of actor Mithun Tejaswi. At the press meet and later in front of a few journalists Vivek spoke at length.


We give you point by point answers Vivek tendered. Take a look:


·         I am here in Kannada and Tamil film because of my friend Mithun Thejaswi. I am also inspired from the script narrated to me.


·         I play a villain who gets inside the car of honeymoon couple Mithun Thejaswi and Madhurima.


·         I tell my dialogues and dub it too at the dialoguer recording room.


·         I had offers in the past but somehow I could not take it up in Kannada.


·         I don’t know ABCD of Kannada. I would know the language and do the needed thing for the film ‘Maaricha’.


·         It is a sleek and neat script. There is no wrong thing at all in this thriller. I am the unusual entry to the car of honeymoon couple.


·         My presence would enhance their business purpose means why not I told my friend. it will be an entertainer and cater to all.


·         It is not whenever they pay I will receive but whatever they pay I am ready to accept.


·         I am a voracious reader. After 500 films and silver jubilee the celebrity angle tucked to me I am not able to go to library and read.


·         It was in 1987 I met KB sir. Meeting him was difficult. 50 pairs of shoes of world standards brands used to be before his house. The demand was like that. Many wanted to be at least in one scene of his film.


·         I met the legend at the ‘Sindhu Bhairavi’ time.  


·         The writing habit I had took me near to him. I used to write and just give it to the gatekeeper of KB sir. He called me one day and showed me a bound volume all written by me. He had liked some of them.


·         For acting chance he gave after two years of this meeting. KB sir handed over a volume ‘Vivek Creations’. I was shocked.


·         I have authored 15 plays and I am not interested in political satires.


·         For politicians I tell I want to be a common man.


·         I come from Madhurai. I am M/Com and ML qualified. I was in the chief minister secretariat. For seven years I was government employee.


·         I have not yet taken the Provident Fund for my service. I have to get it soon.


·         I don’t go to restaurants and dine there. My favorite spots are people thronged places. I go to the villages. Places like Alwarpet, T Nagar, Thenampet and other places I usually go.


·         I travel with Rajani sir and after a long drive he also wish to stop at small T shop and have cigarette and T.


·         The constant problem faced by the comedian is not faced by the hero or heroine.


·         For comedian it is like holding the tiger tail. We have to be different from every film. We cannot be on the same steps.


·         A hero can make the same steps, a villain can rape in the same way but a comedian cannot be similar.


·         When comedian portions come audience won’t go to urinals. For songs and fights they get up and go.


·         This profession has given me good placement. Even if I go to China they recognize me.


·         I am a nature lover. I go to hills stations and enjoy the nature from my card windows.


·         Blessings of almighty, mercy of people because they tolerate me still I am surviving.


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