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Posted date: 27 Sun, Nov 2011 ? 11:40:12 AM

It is attack via words from producer Chandrasekhar of the recent ‘Eno Onthara’. This correspondent net the producer Chandrasekhar before the screening of ‘Jarasandha’ at the Malleswaram Mantri Mall Inox theatre on Friday morning heart burn of the producer has surfaced.

Producer Chandrasekhar made a direct attack on golden star Ganesh from whom he has faced humiliation for Rs.5 lakhs payment due from Rs.95 lakhs remuneration for ‘Eno Onthara’ Kannada cinema. I had paid that amount via cheque but it was withheld for some time.

Golden star Ganesh has caused all sorts of harassment when I kept the balance of Rs.5 lakhs due.

Now he has over Rs.80 lakhs due from producer Rehman from ‘Madhuve Mane’ remuneration. Why is he keeping quiet? Producer Chandrasekhar was furious because he faced a major insult in his life from Ganesh.

Why golden star Ganesh should show disobedience to a producer who cleared Rs.90 lakh payment and keep quiet for another producer who should pay him Rs.80 lakhs? Why he has not gone before the media in Rehman case that is bigger chunk of amount for him?

According to Chandrasekhar golden star Ganesh has taken only Rs.11 lakh payment for ‘Madhuve Mane’.

Meanwhile the beaten producer from ‘Eno Onthara’ producer Chandrasekhar has procured the call sheet of top star Sudeep.

Chandrasekhar has taken the MN Kumar call sheet of Kichcha Sudeep to start off his film with Sudeep. This is likely to launch in January and I have made advance for Sudeep says Chandrasekhar.

Producer Chandrasekhar is a senior producer who made films like Hatamari Hennu Kiladi Gadu, Annayya, ‘Dore’, Karpooradha Gombe,  ‘Siddhu’, ‘Jenina Hole’, ‘Bindhaas’ and ‘Eno Onthara’.

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