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We are giving part by part the year that was. You can take a look all reports related to 2011 in an extensive way only in
The year was very much with controversies that have not been heard so far in the history of Kannada cinema.
•         Challenging star Darshan and producer Ramesh Yadav quarrel each other to the hilt in the process of bringing the film ‘Boss’ to the final shape.
•         The highly acclaimed writer, thinker, actor and Jnanapeeth award winner Dr Girish Karnad maintained a strong silence on the controversial issue of rejecting the SR Puttanna Kanagal when he had come to his new film ‘Shabdamani’ briefing on Friday evening. Dr Karnad name was suggested at the last minute at the media briefing by HR Bharagava committee when the media persons questioned on the SR Puttanna Kanagal award given to KSR Doss. Immediately after this Bhargava consulting the information director of Karnataka Government Muddhu Mohan announced the award for Dr Girish Karnad.
•         DOSS TO RECEIVE - The annual SR Puttanna Kanagal award of Rs.2 lakh given by the government of Karnataka for the year 2008-2009 that was announced by HR Bhargava committee for veteran director KSR Doss was withdrawn at the press conference and Dr Girish Karnad name was hastily announced.
•         The Telugu and Kannada actress Yamuna on a clue from Hyderabad Police to Bangalore crime branch was allegedly caught in the high level prostitution case on Friday.
•         The Bangalore police had been keeping watch for the last three months on a tip off from Hyderabad police found the actress with chief executive officer of a software company in city five star hotel rooms. It is alleged that software guy booked the actress seeing her on the face book.
•         The recent big battle is related to ‘Vishnuvardhana’ a film by veteran Dwarakish starring Sudeep in the title role. Dr Bharathi  Vishnuvardhana is not interested in this title the name of her recently demised husband icon Dr Vishnuvardhana.
•         The heavy turnout of people from various districts the school and colleges declared holiday in Bangalore the 77th All India Kannada Sahitya Sammelana surroundings of four kilometers to National College grounds in Basavanagudi was tough to control for the police.
•         The Bollywood actress in big and small screen Karishma Tanna come down from Mumbai to explain the media that she had not taken part in the kissing scenes in the Kannada film ‘I am Sorry…Mathe Banni Pritsona’.
•         When the television media came at the right time sensing some clashes as Sudeep fans thronged the KFCC the president of KFCC Basanthkumar Patil told television channels ‘Who asked you to come, Get out, all problem is because of you people’ irked the television media but they were on their job. I am sorry for what had happened a few days ago when I was discussing with Film Chamber officials when the television media had come.
•         The same Sudeep lashed at television channels prior to release of ‘Vishnuvardhana’ Kannada cinema in the year end.
•         The Kannada film actor and director Harish Raj has created a high drama in front of the theatre to retain the film ‘Gun’. As told earlier on 10th of March 2011 ‘Kempe Gowda’ is slated for release but Harish Raj wants to retain his film. It is displayed in the newspapers that in the prominent theatre of Kempe Gowda Road ‘Kempe Gowda’ will be released. The theatre name is also not mentioned.
•         After suicide drama atop Santosh theatre a few days ago to retain the film ‘Gun’ actor cum director Harish Raj is now facing several charges.
•         Madan Patel, actor, director, producer and having strong clout in the BJP political party without succumbing to any pressures is going ahead with ‘Satyananda’ – Nambike and Apanambike...(belief and disbelief) with a catch line ‘Kamathuranam Na Bhayam Na Lajjam’ Sanskrit slogan.
•         For the poor attendance of artists of Kannada cinema industry for the felicitation given to him at Solitaire Hotel a few days ago the Karnataka Home and Transport minister R Ashok is upset.
•         The Kannada playback singers are demanding a decent remuneration when compared to the outside singers who are given in lakhs of rupees to take part in the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana have finally won the battle against the government.
•         Keeping quiet till dream girl Hema Malini took oath now the Kannada actress expressed her unhappiness. What was she doing when many of the people in Karnataka in high status were decrying the move of the BJP government?
•         Producer A Ganesh who is secretary of Karnataka Film chamber of Commerce normally does not loses his temper but on the audio release night on Monday he was in bad mood for heroine Ramya not turning up to audio release and lend some publicity for the film.
•         Kannada Cinema Artists Association President Ambarish late on Saturday night ruled in favor of actress Ramya in the raging controversy with producer A Ganesh of ‘Dandam Dashagunam’.
•         In the raging controversy of actress Ramya and Ganesh the Producers Association of Kannada cinema has decided to ban Ramya for one year. All sector meeting except Artists Association at KFCC also decided to get explanation from actress Pooja Gandhi for her statements in a television channel.
•         In another case related to a complaint filed by Pooja Gandhi it was ruled that the balance due to the actress should be paid first and then only the film ‘Nee Illadhe’ should be released. As of now the date of announcement of the film is 25th March for ‘Nee Illadhe’.
•         The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce President is not the supreme authority dashes a reply by Ambarish in Mysore speaking to newsmen. We cannot accept the rulings of an individual like Ambarish says Basanthkumar Patil in Hubli speaking to newsmen on Monday evening.
•         SHIVA GANAPATHI OF NEE ILLADHE - I am living in the rented house selling my car traveling in the government transport. I am so much broke. I thought of ending my life – This is director and co producer with 45 percent share of Rs.50 lakhs Shivaganapthi who paid Rs.4 lakhs as remuneration for Pooja Gandhi.
•         The first time producer Channupati Nagamalleswari offered Rs.2 lakhs as balance amount and another area for business for actress Pooja Gandhi in lieu of her balance of payment.
•         The prestigious audio house of Karnataka with branches in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu Lahari Recording Company one of the directors G Thulsiram Naidu alias Velu was kidnapped late on Wednesday night after he was coming out attending the ‘Big 92.7 FM’ awards evening. Velu was freed after one hour tension.
•         DUBBING ISSUE - Another controversy has come up in the Kannada film scene. This is related to producer and director of ‘Koffi Shop’ Geetha Krishna of Blue Fox Films and Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.
•         On a complaint filed by Geetha Krishna to the VII Additional City Civil Court the judge Aswath Narayan has passed an order related to ‘Koffi Shop’. The defendant is here by directed not to interfere with the release of the plaintiff film ‘Koffi Shop’ till the disposal of IA.1. For filing written statement and for hearing on the IA.1 call on 15th April 2011 as prayed by both the parties – This judgment is written in open court on 26th day of March 2011.
•         ‘Gubbachchigalu’ was awarded the national best children film but at the state level it has just been recognized by subsidy committee for Rs.10 lakhs reward instead of best children film reward of Rs.25 lakhs. This is unexpected and the logic behind the Subsidy committee one cannot understand says Abhay Simha.
•         The noted producer of over 25 films his recent one is ‘Super’ Rockline Venkatesh was never angry like this before. Two days ago he shot back a resignation letter to the Vice President positions he is holding in Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce protesting the functioning of KFCC President Basanthkumar Patil.
•         ‘Sankranthi’ - Just after a few days of shooting for Neha Patil from Hubli who is also into Pilot training is given a go by the director Mussanje Mahesh and producer RS Gowda.
•         The Karnataka Film Workers Federation has expressed unhappiness at the attitude of the ‘Koffee Shop’ film maker. ‘Koffee Shop’ is a dubbing cinema says KFWF President Ashok and stopping the release of the film is the agenda before us he says.
•         The brickbats for KFCC President Basanthkumar Patil are increasing. Very recently noted producer Rockline Venkatesh expressing at the unhappiness of KFCC President functioning resigned from his position. Yesterday another senior producer K.Manju tendered his resignation for the style of function of KFCC President. K Manju was the Vice President of distributor sector.
•         It is firing of words and complaints in court of law and police station from producer K Murali and director, actor and joint producer of ‘Gun’ Kannada cinema. K Murali has filed a criminal and civil case on actor cum director Harish Raj for cheating him in the film production, processing, distribution and exhibition of ‘Gun’ Kannada film.
•         After five long years there is some stunning decision from the High Court of Karnataka. For the case filed in IAS official of government of Karnataka K Shivaramu why the government officials should not act in films, the court verdict has been very clear.
•         The pride of Kannada cinema super power star Puneeth Rajakumar has confirmed that the face book and twitter accounts in his name is false.
•         The Kannada film actress Mythriyi high temper and slapping the traffic constable on Friday at West of Chord Road resulted in her arrest by the Bangalore Police.
•         Mythriyi passed the signal when it was showing red. For violating the signal rules her car was stopped by the police constable on duty. She was irked with this and slapped on the face of traffic constable in the afternoon on Friday.
•         Within a week time the second film personality is getting arrested in Kannada filmdom. A few days ago it was Mythriyi for breaking the traffic rules and entering into quarrel with traffic cop. Now it is the turn of actor cum director Harish Raj. Actor cum director Harish Raj in distress after the arrest on Wednesday afternoon was set free in the evening as he had the bail in advance. Harish Raj suspected this move from ‘Gun’ producer Harish Raj.
•         The flamboyant writer, editor of ‘Agni’ Kannada tabloid and director Agni Sridhar of Kannada cinema ‘Thamassu’ starring Shivarajakumar has strongly objected to the conduct of Celebrity cricket League on 4th June 2011 at KSCA stadium.
•         The personal differences of opinion between Pooja Gandhi and Dr Kiran said to be a distributor and co-producer of ‘Nee Illadhe’ has surfaced in the public. On Wednesday evening Pooja Gandhi came to Police Commissioner Office and filed a case against Dr Kiran on threat to life. After an hour or so Dr Kiran also came to the same place and filed similar complaint against Pooja Gandhi.
•         The Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff acted fourth Kannada cinema ‘Aa Marma’ is not a dubbing cinema says the director of the film Madhusoodhan but KFCC is confirmed that the film is a dubbed one to Kannada. This has lead to new controversy over the dubbing issue.
•         After batting questions from the media the first time director Jayasimha Reddy has disagreed to the point that ‘Namitha I Love You’ releasing this week is dubbed to Kannada from other languages, A few days later actor Tennis Krishna admitted that he said Telugu dialogues in Hyderabad shooting for this film.
•         ‘My film ‘Kool….Sakkath Hot Maga’ is not atrocious in the box office’. It may not be super hit but the collections cannot be neglected. The reason for Golden Star Ganesh to say like this is that in the social networking some of the Kannada film directors have made ugly remarks on his direction.
•         The Kannada Producer, distributor and wall poster printer Bala Muthaiah absconding from Bengaluru police on a cheating case and court order of arrest was found late on Tuesday at Hyderabad by JP Nagar Police. In a cheque bounce case the corporation councilor Dhanaraj of Dharmaraya Devasthana Ward filed a case in the court. The cheque amount was Rs.40 lakhs that Bala Muthaiah had taken during the release of ‘Ramakrishna’ Kannada film that starred V Ravichandran and Jaggesh.
•         Producer cum director Ravindra HP Das recalled his last Friday film from all the 58 theatres is a sheer waste of Rs.3.5 crores and 18 months of hard work. He cuts a sorry figure from his debut film ‘I am Sorry Mathe Banni Pritsona….
•         It was a hectic time for challenging star Darshan on Tuesday afternoon at his home town Mandya. Two of the friends of Darshan were beaten by the mob. The four wheeler Darshan close friends were following the star hit a motorbike that injured the two. The mob surrounded the vehicle that hit and obviously Darshan had to get down from his bike.
•         The child actress turned second heroine in Kannada films Hemasri at a very early age contested the Assembly elections in 2008 and lost from JDS and it was not infatuation in love for her. She married JDS political member Surendra Babu on 22nd June in Thirupathi and filed a police complaint at the police station on the very next day saying Surendra Babu is already married and she had been forced for marriage. After a day Hemashri changer her mind and took the complaint. It has happened because of lack of my knowledge she says now.
•         The television serial ‘Karthika Deepa’ director Hiriyur Raghavendra attempted to commit suicide on Saturday afternoon at the media meet and timely medical aid from media persons saved his life. Sinking in loans to the extent of Rs.50 lakhs from ‘Karthika Deepa’ and artists of the 200 episodes serial not cooperating made Hiriyur Raghavendra to take this step.
•         Diganth point to the comment that he is responsible for the ouster from ‘Anarkali’ says it is not because of me but because of director Sadhu Kokila. At the first discussion Sadhu Kokila said your give dates of your choice and said he would wait. When I allotted the dates Sadhu Kokila said in August it would be a rainy season, it is difficult to shoot. I am already shooting for ‘Parijatha’ songs and ‘Lifu Ishtene’.
•         Director Sampath Nandi (who is directing a big Telugu film now) has remained very rare to our film ‘Srimathi’ and his attitudes changed. That is what I did not like and co director G Ravi has been asked to take up the direction disclosed producer Shankre Gowda when he was asked on what made him to change the director.
•         The real life travails and tribulations of Kannada actress Monica who is known as Maria Susairaj has come to an end. The verdict in the murder case of Neeraj Grover has set the actress mentally free. Monica alias Maria Susairaj was ordered three years imprisonment which she had already served for her alleged support to hush up the proof with Jerome a Naval officer and she had been asked to remit penal fee of Rs.50000.
•         The scuffle has reached to a level now between golden star Ganesh and director Nagashekar. After outburst of producer K Manju at the ‘Shyloo’ media briefing the controversy between Ganesh and Nagashekar has come to light.
•         Kannada film industry statement that ‘Media Bhavan’ should not be a part of the ‘Chalanachitra Amrutha Mahotsava Bhavana’ that was slated for foundation stone laying was cancelled. No Media Bhavan stated KFI.
•         Producer K Manju, Shankre Gowda, television bigwigs Ravikiran, Sihikahi Chandru, distributor Basha offices and houses were simultaneously raided and some of the documents were seized. After inquiry the documents will be released says the IT officials.
•         Using the song of poet NS Lakshminarayana Bhatta that is sung by late Dr C Ashwath – Hinde Hege Chimmuthithu Kanna Thumba Priti Yeega Yaake Jwalisuthidde Eno Shanke Beethi …..Dr V Nagendra Prasad has not given due credit on the screen and not sought the permission for using the song from Lahari Recording Company.
•         On Saturday at two separate places the ‘Singham’ issue was before the media. At the Bengaluru Press Club the Vice President of Reliance Big Pictures V Narasimhan apologized for hurting the sentiments. He also released the separate letter of apology of director of Singham Rohith Shetty, actor Ajay Devgun, Prakash Raj and agreed to remove the objectionable dialogues in the Hindi ‘Singham’ film.
•         Once again the learned writer of novels and film connected personality BL Venu has urged the producers of ‘Onake Obbavva’ to change the title immediately. When Sudeep kept the title ‘Veera Madhakari’ as the title for his remake film the same BL Venu protested and he could not get the support. For the remake of ‘Vikramarkudu’ Sudeep continued with the title ‘Veera Madhakari’ and said who is BL Venu to protest.
•         The stylish and disciplined director Ashok Patil with two hits – Joke Falls and Shaapa, his third attempt ‘9 to 12’ failed click because of the severe theatre crisis.
•         The Kannada film ‘Aa Marma’ has flouted the norms of Karnataka cultural policy and made a dubbing film. The Karnataka Film Workers Federation President Ashok has condemned this attitude and it will not be allowed to release on coming Friday 5th of August, 2011.
•         Director Kodlu Ramakrishna is known for some cheap gimmicks. The latest one is giving credit to director and writer Dwarkhi Raghav for a remake film. The Friday release ‘Mr Duplicate’
•         Considered as the dubbed film by the committee constituted by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce ‘Aa Marma’ made a futile to release on this Friday.
•         The radio stations in Bengaluru are supporting the songs of films that are not running in theatres, there is infighting between the radio channels in grabbing the revenue, nowadays they are keeping place for Hindi film songs instead of Kannada – Komal Kumar went on to explain his deep felt agony on the radio stations not projecting the Kannada films despite of taking advertisement revenue.
•         The world famous Mysore Dasara has started and on 30th September 2011 at 12.15 the Dasara Film festival will be inaugurated. The invite has so many names but not the prestigious film family of Dr Rajakumar. This is shocking and the bureaucrats are there to answer the lapse.
•         One of the towering actors with good track record in the character roles Srinivasamurthy is feeling relieved of the main clutch that was bothering from the last so many years. The High Court has set aside the cheating case that was filed 26 years ago. Justice V Jagannath has quashed the cheating case filed on Srinivasamurthy and Fazalulla.
•         The ‘Shishya’ Kannada film fame Deepak had a miraculous escape on Thursday while shooting for his ‘Magadi’ Kannada film in Bangkok. According to the reports received boat in which he was traveling crashed and pushed him aside. Deepak took to swimming to reach the safe spot.
•         -------------------------------------------
•         SEPT 9 - CHALLENGING STAR DARSHAN ARRESTED - The popular Kannada film actor Darshan has been arrested on Wednesday late night by DCP West of Karnataka Police for assaulting his wife Vijayalakshmi and threatening her to kill with a pistol. The difference of opinion between Darshan and his wife Vijayalakshmi (daughter of Darshan elder sister) was going on for quite some time has taken a disgusting turn. DCP West Siddaramappa confirmed the arrest of actor Darshan on a written complaint by his wife Smt Vijayalakshmi who is admitted to Gayathri Nursing home in Vijayanagar for serious injuries.
•         Issues are getting complicated in the family of challenging star Darshan. Darshan getting bail on Monday at the Magistrate Court is very essential is curiously looked at by the entire Kannada cinema industry.
•         Challenging star Darshan was brought to Parappana Agrahara Prison by 1.45 pm after thorough medical check by Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Dr Shashidhar Buggi.
•         The fans of Darshan from Mandya, Bijapur, Bengaluru had already thronged at the Parappana Agrahara prison to urge for release of Darshan immediately.
•         With the bail hearing adjourned by two weeks two days ago in High Court of Karnataka the life of challenging star Darshan in Parappana Agrahara Prison is of course pitiable.
•         The highly relieved challenging star Darshan who left the gates of Central Prison of Parappana Agrahara at 6.42 pm on Friday evening – Look at the strange thing – Darshan film ‘Sarathi’ was released on last Friday and this Friday 7th of October he was released from prison on bail. It was 28 days trauma ended for the box office hero of Kannada cinema on Friday.
•         At last Darshan came before the media people on today afternoon. ‘I am happy because of my wife’. ‘I say sorry for fans and people of Karnataka Please excuse me, I will look after my wife properly, and I would not repeat such things in life’.
•         As advised by the single bench vacation judge BS Pinto on the bail grant day challenging star Darshan and his wife Smt Vijayalakshmi met the public prosecutor today afternoon. Public Prosecutor Chandramouli met Darshan and his wife at the cellar room in High Court of Karnataka and held discussion.
•         ------------------------------------------------
•         NIKITHA BAN - The Karnataka Film chamber of Commerce after consulting various heads has announced that actress Nikitha is banned from accepting any Kannada film for a period of three years. This is in the wake of the actress connections to challenging star Darshan. The alleged relationship with Darshan indirectly affected the business of Rs.40 crores of Kannada cinema and all films of Darshan are in doldrums in the wake of judicial custody.
•         The top actress of South India who is at present in mental tension for ban from Kannada Film Producers Association (KFPA) gets support from the majority of Kannada cinema artists.
•         BAN LIFTED - The Kannada Film Producers Association that started off well after the elections to the new office bearers in the leadership of Munirathna Naidu faced the first hiccup in Nikitha ban and lifting it after wide spread protest.
•         VISHNUVARDHANA TITLE - It is only after 10 persons see ‘Vishnuvardhana’ film they give the nod she said. I have spoken to Kannada Film Producers Association clearly and sent a letter to that extent. Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana has given consent on a few conditions.
•         The renowned producer of Kannada films, distributor, exhibitor and former chief minister of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy and his wife Anitha Kumaraswamy heading the Kasthuri satellite channel were given anticipatory bail and the couple is out of fear of arrest by the Lok Ayuktha Court. The single bench headed by justice L Narayanaswamy granted the bail with 50000 deposits. Vishwa Bharathi House cooperative case and Janthakal Mining cases.
•         The Dr Vishnuvardhana fans association protested against the Karnataka Film Chamber Commerce as there was no consent to install the statue.
•         Censor not informed – Life Ishtene for additional inputs got in to trouble.
•         I am not a big person to talk about a stalwart like V Ravichandran the popular producer K Manju at the same time hit back saying he (V Ravichandran) did not come for ‘Kalla Malla Sulla’ promotion upset him.
•         Prashanth is not as famous as challenging star Darshan yet the torture on wife Shashirekha is almost similar. Shashirekha has filed a complaint at the State Women Welfare Forum on Prashanth for beating, insulting and demanding Rs.10 lakhs. Prashanth married Shashirekha out of love in the Adarsha Film institute days.
•         The rebel star Ambarish fans took the extreme step in ransacking the office of the famous tabloid ‘Lankesh Patrike’ today morning. The office of Lankesh Patrike is situated at Raja Rajeshwari Nagar.
•         The Dwarakish headed Karnataka State Film Awards Committee of 2009-2010 has kept away the top ranking director four times Swarana Kamal award winning director Dr Girish Kasaravalli film ‘Kanasembo Kudureyaneri’ that has in fact bagged over 20 awards at the national and international awards.
•         Without signing the contract and finalizing on the remuneration Kavitha Lankesh should not have disclosed that I am appearing in a song in her film. This is actress Ramya expressing her unhappiness after knowing in the media that she is appearing in an item song.
•         With freedom coming to producer, distributor and exhibitor plus former chief minister of Karnataka, current Member of Parliament and President of Janata Dal S political party HD Kumaraswamy and his wife Smt Anitha Kumaraswamy in the ‘Janthakal Mining’ case there is one more case filed against HD Kumaraswamy.
•         First to announce ‘Adda’ was director Prem when he was shooting for ‘Raj The Showman’ in Mysore. Director Mahesh Babu acquiring the rights of ‘Subramanyapura’ and changing it according to Kannada nativity kept the title as ‘Adda’. Hat trick director Prem agreed to act in this film. BK Srinivas very clearly mentions that he has acquired the rights from producer SA RA Govindu of Thanu Productions on12TH of October 2011
•         NOW IT IS VINOD PRABHAKAR IN CONTROVERSY!After Darshan and Prashanth – the two Kannada actors locked in assault on wife now it is the term of actor Vinod Prabhakar. This not assault on Vinod Prabhakar wife but being a boy friend to the wife of an industrialist. It is alleged that Vinod Prabhakar is the intruder in the family life of industrialist Sharath Kumar and Shwetha. Sharath Kumar in a complaint to police stated that his wife was regularly getting on her two mobile numbers one particular number and that is of Vinod Prabhakar.
•         Dr Raj Cup final at Nehru Playground at Hubli had some tense moments between Shivarajakumar and Sudeep fans. That is because Shivarajakumar fans cajoled the players of Sudeep team and at one point of time even raised the hands.
•         Just because director Prem (of Excuse Me, Kariya, Jogi, Preethi Eke Bhumi Melidhe, Raj the showman and Jogaiah) has given a statement that he will be making ‘Prem Adda’ with the controversy of title has erupted, producer BK Srinivas once a good friend of director Prem has stated let him not come in my way of ‘Adda’ Kannada film.
•         It was a clash on the cricket ground at Hubli at the final contest between Shivarajakumar and Sudeep team that is sorted out now between Shivarajakumar and Sudeep and now again the two actors film titles and its respective producers are at loggerheads.
•         The fifty percent of the budget of the cinema is remuneration part of actors. This is very high and producers are failing to meet such huge expenses. The actors should demand remuneration on the basis of their previous film collections in the box office.
•         Rashmi kept on dodging the producer cum director MS Srinivas of Swaranjali. Irked with it producer Srinivas asked Rashmi to pay back Rs.75000 for that she used the names of others and sent the producer without paying the money for that she had not worked.
•         The City Civil Court, Additional Civil And Sessions Judge, Sri Aswath Narayana has so called Telugu film, ‘Swami Sathyananda’ and Kannada film, ‘Sathyananda’ not be promoted, released or exhibited in any manner.
•         The noted producer of Kannada cinema A Ganesh is not worrying for the loss of Rs.2 crores from his recent Kannada film ‘Dhandam Dashagunam’ (starring Ramya and Chiranjeevi Sarja) loss but because of piled up cases against him in the capacity of Secretary of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce for the last term.
•         ‘Kannada is dead in this Bengaluru City’. I have written the song Beladidhe Noda Bengaluru Nagara….long ago. Kannada language exist only in North Karntaka was the feeling of veteran CVS Shivashanker at Saniha audio release.
•         The three years long prolonged misunderstanding between action hero Dhuniya Vijay and his brother in law TP Siddaraju producer of ‘Dhuniya, Yaksha and now Sidlingu’ has been sorted out on Monday evening when Vijay arrived to the audio release of ‘Sidlingu’.
•         Sowmya Gowda actress in side roles in films like ‘Huduga Hudugi’ of director Indrajith Lankesh was allegedly stabbed by her lover at their residence here today and suffered multiple injuries. Sowmya Gowda has signed a few more films ‘Enanthiya and Apoorva’ but all of them are under production.
•         The anger of Sudeep at the residence of producer Dwarakish at HSR Layout when he arrived for the promotion of the film ‘Only Vishnuvardhana’ - used a filthy words on the journalist and later added how big he has grown. There is no need for me to use anyone name he said. Had he stopped at this atrocious behavior it would have been enough. Sudeep went a step ahead and said ‘You journalists don’t have money to buy knickers’.
•         The most unacceptable thing is happening in the case of Dr Vishnuvardhana Memorial shifting from Bengaluru to Mysore. The move of the government of Karnataka that was approved by even Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana is something unexpected.
•         A cheating case at Sadashivanagara Police station has been filed on Priyanka Vivek Oberoi and her mother Smt Nandini Alva.
•         The regional censor officer of Bengaluru K Nagaraju asked Rs.50000 bribe for censoring two songs of ‘Satyananda’ and Rs.5 lakh on censoring the entire film alleged the producer and director of the film Madan Patel addressing the media.
•         Regional Censor officer K Nagaraju has stated that he is filing a defamation case against Madan Patel.
•         It has become further clumsy. In the wake of Dwarakish producer of ‘Only Vishnuvardhana’ going in for caveat appeal at the High Court of Karnataka suspecting any move to stall the film from Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana, the show scheduled for today evening at 6 pm has been cancelled.
•         At the Gowirishnakera colony near to Nanjangud in Mysore 3.32 acres of lands for Dr Vishnuvardhana Memorial has been identified by Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana with the help of government officials.
•         All is not well in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. The title committee head Soorappa Babu has tendered resignation for the post because he has not been able to solve his own title controversy.
•         It seems the screaming and dejection shown works out. In the case of Dr Vishnuvardhana Memorial shifting from Bengaluru to Mysore has sent different shock waves. The surprise factor was Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana accepting for the government suggestion to the new land at Mysore but the real shock wave worked out in the family members of Abhiman Studio.

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