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The screen stealer from his voice and terrific looks ‘Sharat Lohitashva’ has beaten the icon like Naseeruddin Shah in the popularity of ‘Radio Ravana’ in 104 FM according to sources is a good compliment for this gigantic actor for his 100th film ‘Sadagara’ that is releasing this year.

From the beginning ‘Ghalige’ of this actor Sharat is very good. Incidentally he came to cinema from ‘Ghalige’ of MS Sathyu and from ‘Huliya’ Sharat got noticed for the commercial films.

Right son to right father Lohitashva, Sharat is a man with vigor and sound voice. The 30 episodes of 10 minutes ‘Radio Ravana’ has changed the whole working style of Fever 104 fm and the same program in Naseeruddin Shah in Hindi was aired in the radio channel.

An artist from stage Sharat Lohitashva had watched the ‘Prachanda Ravana’ of Vajramuni when he was very young. He has added more power to this ‘Radio Ravana’ and because of his voice (to say Kanchina Kanta is less) the radio channel got high popularity.

Hailing from Tumkur district terrific Kannada actor performed in Chidambara Rahasya, Kichchu and other television serials and gained good knowledge of acting.

Sharat Lohitashva has every reason to smile in the journey of his 100 films. He has got many solid films in his career so far.  This year in 2012 he has 12 films set for release.

Meanwhile ‘Sadagara’ by new team is his 100th film. A villain role turns to comedy in this film. In ‘Sthri Shakthi’ Sharat plays the women hater.

Certainly in the commanding stage of his life Sharat Lohitashva has many ideas to promote in his profession. It takes time he says sipping whisky at City Institute on last night.


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