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Like how the mouth watering food and alcoholic drinks created a splendid night for hundreds of invitees the songs of Arjun Janya in ‘Alemari’ are also melodious, peppy and meaningful in the lyrics of director Santhu. All the lyrics are written by Santhu and seven music directors released the audio is something unheard so far.

Thrilled with the attendance at the audio release producer BK Srinivas addressed the gathering and said in the beginning that this audio of Alemari has 30 minute making visuals. The film is schedule for release in this month. We have brought 15000 pack of audio and VCD of the making to the market. Put up 200 posters, hired 5000 autos. Cinema anyone can do but taking it via good publicity is important opines producer BK Srinivas.

Music director Arjun Janya bowed his head and saluted music directors Gurukiran, V Harikrishna, Kalyan, LN Shastry, Sridhar Sambram, Rajesh Ramanathan for coming to the audio release evening and blessing him. I have obtained lot of things from my seniors disclosed the humble Arjun Janya.

I have not tasted Radhika Pandit yet she is very sweet actress stated Yogish when irresponsible anchor stated how sweet is Radhika Pandit to actor Yogish.

Anchor Soujanya a radio Jackie had no control in her picking words. The producer of the film BK Srinivas upset at shoot time because of various problems – no generator, loose madha always speaking on phone, food not coming etc. Where was the need to such statements in a grand audio release where the technical snag is already bothering the producer BK Srinivas?

I have lengthy leg you can pull my leg but it is difficult to pull your leg stated Yogish to the anchor Soujanya. Radhika is sweet and I have not tasted said Yogish. She is no doubt sweet actress and good dancer. At dance positions time she making lot of ‘Dovvu’ stated Yogish in a lighter vein.

Radhika Pandit has become queen in this film. it was her wish from childhood. According to her Neeli Neeli…is the best melodious song. The effort for this film is great and acting scope is available for me in this film she pointed.

KFCC President KV Chandrasekhar, Sa Ra Govindu wished good success for producer BK Srinivas. Santhu director of the film thanked the producer BK Srinivas for keeping so much of confidence in his work.

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