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It was in the 90’s Rajanikanth and Chiranjeevi the remunerations for top stars were made in lieu of area distribution rights. By doing so Rajanikanth became the top in remuneration compared to Amitabh Bachchan. Rajanikanth remuneration was over Rs.15 crores in those days was cover page stories for the weekly and tabloids.

The new method to invest first on the cinema and feel free with a good product really paid rich dividends. It comforted the producer in the beginning. No begging for loans, going to banks and mortgaging the properties were avoided. On the other hand the stars with area distribution in their hand they became very prompt, they had their own set up, avoided wastages on sundries with them and the stars also helped in generation of employment.

It was not tried in Kannada filmdom. Now Komalkumr with varied interest in his profession – exhibitor, distributor, producer and actor Komalkumar for ‘Govindayanamaha’ has started the old theory to Kannada.

In lieu of remuneration for ‘Govindayanamaha’ he has not got the remuneration but rights of Shimoga, Chickmagalur and Hyderabad Karnataka – all put together he could release the film in 18 theatres and get back his remuneration in the case of ‘Govindayanamaha’.

For ‘Radhikan Ganda’ Kannada cinema Komalkumar has taken the entire Karnataka distribution and a portion of area is his remuneration.

With delay in release of ‘Govindayanamaha’ Komalkumar ‘Radhikan Ganda’ is also delaying. He wanted the film to hit the screens in March end.

Another happy news for ‘Govindayanamaha’ is that for no remuneration to audio (only audio release event expenses were met by Ashwini Media Network Limited) to producer it has sold over 60000 copies. That is also because of internet hit of the song ‘Pyar ge Agbutaithe……Namdhuke Pyarge Agbutaithe…..

One piece of advice for producer B Suresh of ‘Govindayanamaha’ from Komalkumar - the song has gone to the pages of history it is time to think of release of the film.

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