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Posted date: 15 Wed, Feb 2012 ? 03:01:13 PM

Producer RS Gowda of Thavarige Thangi has wept once again. When he wept last for ‘Thavarige Baa Thangi’ it was a super hit result in the box office. Is he going to get the same results for ‘Sankranthi’. Let us be optimistic!

After the launch of ‘Sankranthi’ change of heroine from Neha Patil to Roopasri, producer RS Gowda doing another film ‘Chennamma IPS’ the media was kept at a distance. Now for the release of ‘Sankranthi’ RS Gowda and his team met the media on Monday afternoon. The audio is very good in the market they say but we have no knowledge of audio release or audio CD coming to media.

Like how the hero carries the film on his shoulder it was hero Gururaj Jaggesh who handled the media neatly compared to anyone connected to the film. He was cool and composed in his address and the speaking ability of his mother Smt Parimala Jaggesh has come as a boon to Gururaj Jaggesh.

Gururaj says the film is well done and it is not very different. Doing the same with difference is what counts. Different approach should be there for the hero not just hike in the money. That should be the growth. Seeing critically of my film I feel there is improvement for me in this film. Suryaprakash character carries tension, love and physical pain together. This is a mother and son bondage cinema. In my real life too mother is my best friend. My dream is to carry forward the good name earned by my father Mr Jaggesh. Next comes everything says Gururaj.

Director Mussanje Mahesh was happy for the clean U certificate and he hopes for release of the film on March 2. Sridhar Sambram music director of the film was happy for two songs already becoming hit.

Actress Roopasri in her fifth film feels fortunate to work under a good team. The emotional film for me is first time. I feel I have worked under a good director. Gururaj is a wise and intelligent. He used to sit in a corner and read a lot on the sets. He is ‘Hudugata Illadha Huduga’ complimented Rooasri who is in place of Neha Patil in the film.

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