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SP Varadaraju Atmiyira Balaga like previously maintained the consistency and showed exemplary approach in this year too. In the packed hall and ‘outstanding’ guests the 2012 SP Varadaraju awards were presented on Tuesday evening to theatre personality Smt Ranganayakamma and actor of over 300 films Ashwathnarayana.

The specialty of this year event is that the cash award of Rs.5000 has been increased to Rs.10000. The affection and admiration show to respected awardees continues the same.

We give you what the speakers said at the memorable SP Varadaraju awards evening at Kannada Sahitya Parishat:

BARAGURU RAMACHANDRAPPA – Remembering the Kadambari Sarvabowma Aana Krishna Rao statement on Natasarvabowma Dr Rajakumar Prof Baraguru said the Kannada cinema industry got status only because of Rajakumar staying in Kannada. To such powerful personality the Vyakthi and Shakthi in art field progress it was SP Varadaraju he pointed.

‘Cinemadha Sogasu Prekshakana Manasu’ the siblings knew it. With the achiever the anonymous power is Varadaraju. So remembering both is quintessential. For the present day film makers Prof Baraguru said do films that touch the heart = Manassu Muttuva cinema Maadi not Maiyyi Muttuva cinema. The essence of the awards evening is ‘Sadabiruchiya Roopaka’ rightly pointed Baraguru in his address.

SP NAGAMMA – Sister of Dr Raj and Varadaraju was emotional when her opinion was sought on the occasion. En Nenaskollali…Mathadkagalla… seeing this is my happiness. I did not know such award for Varadaraju is taking place. I came to know it this time and attended. Varadaraju remembering me I am happy. Sabhe Nodthini…Mathadakka Baralla.

ASHWATHNARAYANA – I am feeling like happy birthday to me for the first time. Normally I go to Ganesha temple and to milk abishekha on my birthday.. It is ‘NAARI PUNYA PURUSHA BHAGYA’ in the life of Annavru. I know Dr Raj, Varadappa since 40’s. Rajanna was getting Rs.10 per day Varadappa Rs.8 and I was getting Rs.6 per day. For the Ravana role after some years Rajanna asked for Rs.500 that was rejected by Chettiar. For the family problem Rajanna asked that money. Chettiar tried many faces but finally agreed for Dr Rajakumar. I have made a mistake Chettiar said later. It was for the film ‘Bhukailasa’. Many have constructed houses in the name of Dr Rajakumar. I have permanent house for Rajanna in my heart.

I am 79 today and no role to perform in Kannada cinema. Ambarish should get roles for my living asked Ashwathnarayana. Don’t do anything after my death. Do it now he emphasized.

RANGANAYAKAMMA – I have not made any home for me from this profession after 55 years stint. The role and name we were concentrating. It was Subbaiah Naidu gave me this name of ‘Ranganayaki’ seeing my Krishna role. It was in Honnappa Bhagavathar camp I saw a few hundred as salary. I have put application before the government for house. I think they will give only after my departure. The Vidhura role… the poetry form was rendered by Ranganayakamma.

AMBARISH – doing honors to Smt SP Nagamma said he was surprised and happy with this type of function. How did the organizers trace SP Varadaraju. Artists have no death. That was proved by Ranganayakamma from her rendering today.

I am an actor by luck not by Shrama. Only with guidance of Puttanji I became an actor. Among all awards this appears to me very special. SP Varadaraju is ‘Vyakthi and Shakthi’.

Ambarish remembered Dr Raj watching the tennis match once. Ambarish and Shivanna in one team and S Bangarappa and a seasoned player with him was the contest between. Dr Rajakumar sitting at this wondering what work he has. Ambarish promised that you will enjoy the match. After the match Ambarish asked how the match was. More than match your ‘Arbhata’ was good said Annavru.

Ambarish also remembered two more incidents of his mother at an award winning in which Dr Rajakumar was receiving the best actor and villain award for ‘Devara Kannu’ to him. The other one was ‘Odahuttidavaru’ where he put the condition that he should scold or beat ‘Annavru’. My cut out was equal to Annavru shows his good feel. It is for the same film ‘Annavru’ told shooting at anytime you come.

The scenario has changed today. Aswhathnarayana asked for recommendation but I am doing his type of role today. Lot of unknown faces are coming and going in the industry felt Ambarish.

For this event a few more persons should have come felt Ambarish looking at the huge attendance.

For the awards evening SA Chinne Gowda, Sadashiva Brahmavar, Ramkumar, Poornima, Lakshmi, family members of SP Varadaraju were present.

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