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Posted date: 13 Tue, Mar 2012 ? 11:09:07 AM

The presence of Smt Arundhathi Nag one of the board members of Central Film Certification Committee when the issue of Cigar in the mouth of Shivarajakumar triggered a good discussion when senior colleague BN Subramanya raised the issue at right time with right people.

The Cigar in Shivarajakumar would send wrong signals and Censor may avoid such scenes is what told by colleague. Very attentive Arunthathi Nag realizing the future course of action stated that such scenes would get objection and a role model like Shivarajakumar should avoid such shots in the film she opined at the ‘Andar Bahar’ launch media meet. Arundhathi Nag further said 40 percent of youths in India are below the age of 14 years. Such scenes in the film need chopping she added. The possibility of inculcating is the fear expressed.

Shivarajakumar immediately reacting positively to such statement said he would definitely look at the suggestion. It is shot only for the invitation purpose and it will be taken in to consideration at the time of shooting he stated.

Director Phaneesh Kumar hearing the discussion reacted and said suggestion would be kept in mind and incorporated in the film.

The title of ‘Andar Bahar’ is in Hindi language. The discussion on this topic was felt unnecessary because media had discussed with the deaf ears on so many times.

Thank god the film ‘Andar Bahar’ is not related to the playing card the biggest stakes are called in ‘Andar Bahar’ game.

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