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It is ‘Ball Pen’ – Balakara Lekhani indeed. The protagonists of this film are children. The makers are elders. So it is elders made children film. Looking at the glimpses of this film ‘Ball Pen’ famous writer Mohammad Boluwar said it should reach widely. It should be taken to the children. Parents should come and watch the film. Rs.2000 plus a day earning parents won’t bring children to the theatre to watch this kind of film. So it is right to go to children feels the eminent writer Boluwar addressing the media.

Ravi Belegere owns the school where thousands of children are studying. Like that lakhs of children are in nook and corner of Karnataka. Through 16mm project they should see ‘Ball Pen’ recommended the writer. On the topic of what is children film he put back a question to the media what constitute a children literature. The discussion is always there and elders writing keeping children in mind is almost near to children literature he felt.

Mahanadhi Creations ‘Ball Pen’ the film made by popular actor Srinagara Kitty, Bhavana Belegere with great support from Smt Lalitha Belegere is ready with first print and it was even sent to national award and a few places like Chennai the film was screened. Tamil film makers like Cheran and Chandrasekhar have widely appreciated this film and it is compared as an answer to ‘Children of Heaven’ from Indian segment of children film.

Shashikanth director ‘IPC Section 500’ in his second effort has roped in his wife Hifa for costumes. He feels satisfied with the progress of the film so far. He thanked half dozen who were around for this interesting film.

It is for kid first birthday I took up this ‘Ball Pen’ after I heard the story line from KC Manjunath said producer Srinagara Kitty, I have a small support in correcting the placement of dialogues stated Smt Lalitha Belegere, from small screen I have extended my dream to big screen stated Bhavana Belegere Kitty.

Rajakumar has tried out the 5D camera for this film and found fruitful results.

I can straighten my head and say I have worked for this film said music director Manikanth Khadri. I have worked for my family and had Kitty not taken up this film I would have done it said Dwarki Raghav.

Website of the ‘Ball Pen’ Kannada cinema and poster of the film were inaugurated by Mr Boluvar and Ravi Belegere.

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