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Posted date: 10 Tue, Apr 2012 ? 11:30:22 AM

The current sensation in business Prasad was also topic of discussion at the Munirathna Naidu single handed media meet on Monday afternoon.

Before what Munirathna Naidu says on Prasad it is right to know that Prasad has opted out from ‘Anna Bond’ distribution. He was introduced on the audio release day by Raghavendra Rajakumar. We are doing the business on partnership stated Raganna. Reacting to it Prasad said ‘Anna Bond’ will be a biggest brand for him in his Sammarth Ventures. With this the business proposal of Rs.16 crore deal of ‘Anna Bond’ hangs in balance.

Producer Munirathna Naidu on the fast bucks for his colleagues from Sammarth Ventures Prasad says he is like fully loaded cow ready to give milk. After a few rounds of milk drawn from the cow only a few drops remain in it. That is the situation today concerned to Prasad. I have done ‘Halu Kareyo’ job. Have you done asks Munirathna Naidu.

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