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Like how right film for Anand Appugol to produce ‘Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna’ it is a right hero Darshan in the right role of Sangolli Rayanna the mega budget historical film in Kannada.

Challenging star Darshan biggest film in the career of 40 plus films as hero from ‘Majestic’ Kannada cinema 2002 is ‘KVSR’ that has completed the shoot today at Bengaluru Palace.

Darshan spoke at length on the making and effort put in for this film. We give you the highlights:

·         Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna is three big commercial films of mine put together in one.

·         The lieutenant of Kittur Rani Chennamma who for a period of eight years starts his own revolution against British rule is interesting pages in the history.

·         All people of this country this is a film that says inculcate love towards the country.

·         Rayanna birthday is on August 15. For this 2012 August 15 Indian Independence Day we are working out for the release.

·         What I studied in school and college days on Indian independence is nothing. I have learnt so much in doing this film.

·         In Karnataka six crores Kannadigas are there. In that half of the people know about it and one crore people watch this film. We feel satisfied. For my ‘Sarathi’ Kannada cinema 50 lakh people have watched.

·         There are two war scenes and guerilla war. Two wars are shot with 2500 horses, 5000 people, 25 elephants at Jaipur. For songs we took 13 days and for war scenes we took 44 days to shoot.

·         I was given 32 kilograms weighing ‘Khadga’. I felt like all my films ‘Long’ sharp weight put together in it.

·         Before the script of KVSS coming to me it was revised five times. After coming to me I have revised it for five times.

·         We have original war scenes and nothing is graphic in this. Four lorry loads of costumes and 20 lorry loads of art works came to Jaipur for shooting.

·         I feel really ‘Sarthaka’ for doing this film. There are only two duet songs and three revolutionary songs.

·         I ride the horse ‘Badal’ that I used for shooting in ‘Sarathi’ Kannada cinema.

·         The project shoot has taken one year three months to shoot.

·         In my career I was like ‘Nari’ in getting roles from the days of ‘Majestic’.

·         I have told Anand Appugol four times to rethink on his decision of making this film. He was very definite. It was during the ‘Shourya’ time I had discussed on this script.

·         I have used 12 wigs and 100 plus moustache for this film.

·         I have so far seen 50000 stickers for my film but for this one producer Appugol has already distributed one lakh stickers.

·         The passion in producer is very much intact from the day of shoot beginning till today. That is very important.

·         I have told to make the film for three hours duration. There are so much to delete and adjust. I hope it will be a new experience for everyone.

·         Photo shoot for this film KVSR I took part for six days.

·         I have not done anything. It my colleagues made me to come up like this in this film. Srinivasamurthy, Ramesh Bhat were very particular on my stature and diction. I followed the instructions.

·         Even if one rupee on the investment is earned I am the first happiest person for producer Appugol.

·         Director Naganna was also seeing the comfort zone of the artists. He is one of the richly talented directors!

·         In this film every scene producer is seen.

·         I should look particularly like this was Anand Appugol wish. After work out I was coming to shoot. One production manager was posted in my room for my requirements.

·         For me Anand Appugol is the real hero of this film.

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