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For this ‘Siri Siri Muvva’ actress the pride in beauty, acting and position today Dr Jayaprada is feeling the moment of dream coming true in her life by enacting the role of ‘Kittur Rani Chennamma’ that is so far famous from Dr B Saroja Devi.

The Rajya Sabha first visit of Dr Jayaprada made her to take a look at Kittur Rani Chennamma portrait’. That day she decided why she had not performed so far in this freedom fighter role. That has come to her in ‘Kranti Veera Sangolli Rayanna’. Speaking at her first media address for the film ‘KVSR’ said she had worked with all top stars of Kannada and done the roles of Seetha, Shakuntala, Devi and Durga. The one of Rani of Kittur Chennamma was missing. The powerful dialogue to the tigress Chennamma has further enhanced my role. I thank Keshavaditya for this stated the pride of the nation who is envied for her beauty even today.

I feel Rani Kittur Chennamma has blessed me to do this kind of a role. It is not an ordinary role. The warrior quality is in built in me also. For me Darshan is lucky. We acted together in ‘E Bandhana’ and producer Anand Appugol without blinking for anything has given all requirements for the film.

I was told by my friend Vijayalakshmi Singh to accept the role without hesitation. This will be a great feather in my cap opines Dr Jayaprada. Remember me as Rani Kittur Chennamma not as Dr Jayaprada while watching the film. The determination of director Naganna is also superb lauded the actress.

Actress Vijayalakhmi also producer and director came to the media briefing of KVSR recalled saying Dr Jayaprada –‘the role of Kittur Rani Chennamma should erase the existing Dr B Saroja Devi performance’. Will it happen? The answer is possible when the film is released.

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