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One of the prominent personalities of Kannada cinema Sa Ra Govindu has come with more strength and this year Dr Rajakumar 84th birth anniversary arrangements are in big way from Dr Rajakumar Abhimanigala Sangha.

Sa Ra Govindu recounting the earlier years of formation of Dr Rajakumar Abhimanigala Sangha and his work in the past spoke to a few media persons today evening at Green House Raj Milan.

Why he is back after long exile, what is he up to, the power of name called Dr Rajakumar, his future path all came in the discussion.

We give you a detail chat with Sa Ra Govindu:

·         The fans of Dr Rajakumar are still in shock with his demise. When the God is not there for them it is a major setback.

·         This year there is pressure from all over Karnataka to take up programs and do service to people via Dr Rajakumar Abhimanigala Sangha. That is the reason we have chalked out many plans for April 24.

·         When the blood donation camp was held by Dr Rajakumar Abhimanigala Sangha in 1986 it was national record. 1760 persons donated blood. The then Governor expressed his happiness on the sangha. From Hubli and Dharwad six hundred came to the Ashok Hotel to donate blood.

·         From the name of Dr Rajakumar we have grown. For Dr Rajakumar growth was inborn boon. We cannot touch his height.

·         It is Dr Rajakumar Abhimanigala Sangha that was successful in getting employment to 70 percent Kannadigas in Wheel and Axle plant in Yelahanka.

·         I remember meeting Smt Indira Gandhi and from the information of Mr Hanumanthaiah I brought to the notice of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that her own statement in Raj Ghat of giving 70 percent employment to localities. The action was immediately taken by Railway Minister Jaffer Sharief.

·         For alerting we had to conduct a rally from Malleswaram play ground to Yelahanka, it was so packed on the roads. We made national news and the Police Commissioner of that time Harlankar congratulated me for peaceful procession. He made a forecast that I would become a leader.

·         The main focus of my speech on Dr Rajakumar birth anniversary is on dubbing. We would maintain what Dr Rajakumar has told for dubbing. We will not allow at any cost.

·         Instead of doing work in Dr Rajakumar Abhimanigala Sangha I had thought of politics I would have become minister at least two times. I have friends in all the political parties.

·         In the Cauvery riots at the ND Venkatesh Commission I approved that the Ghalate really happened from his side. At the same time I had also asked for compensation to the affected. I meant it for all. That saved me. It was one of the print media that published my statement.

·         Dr Rajakumar always said ‘Manasige Novago Kelsa Madbedi’.  We maintain it. He had told that he has no connection to the fans association. I agree to it.

·         Today the publicity gimmick is happening everywhere.

·         Television channels charge huge amount for 10 seconds and hours together they hold discussions on filmdom controversies.

·         Jana Andolana is the right way to happen.

·         Producer Manju is hit badly by bad luck. His interest should be safeguarded in the ‘Godfather’ and Katari Veera Sura Sundarangi’ release issue.

·         Munirathna Naidu is Chanaksha. That is why he was able to win elections in the first time.

·         For his position he should not make statements of ‘Condom’ and all. I object to such statements.

·         When the situation is inevitable for me then only I join politics.

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