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Legends are like that! Whenever they come before the media they point out new observations and feed the realities of cinema life. V Ravichandran is one such legend who has voluminous stock in him. The media whenever meet him come out with some substance to write.

On Monday night V Ravichandran was obviously the star attraction for ‘Rambo’ audio release. After the audio release in a freewheeling chat with a few of the media colleagues V Ravichandran made pertinent points:

We bring you the highlights:

·         For the ‘Crazy Star’ Kannada cinema the real crowd V Ravichandran is utilizing for the film for the song ‘Prekshaka…Rakshaka….a song that is fit for all the Kannada films. Without any notice the people numbering to 200 plus arrived for the road song at NICE Road. Today the shooting at Nagarabhavi ring road it continues. Some of the old people came forward to be a part of the film song. V Ravichandran politely told them the difficulty they face in the rush.

·         It is comforting the hero in films very important. The role in ‘Kanasugara’ is one such example. The involvement of my life to the cinema in ‘Ekangi’ you can notice.

·         For the other films I accept there is no interference and involvement. I just observe and serve what they want.

·         When I was doing Jaana with Shivamani and Annayya with D Rajendra Babu I have experienced a lot. For both the films the top songs are captured by my ideas. Why I am telling after decades is because in industry the habit of appreciating should happen. No one has complimented for it so far. I also just don’t bother. I think film as a whole. Making good business in cinema is important.

·         The other state people lauding our efforts are happening off late.

·         Rajamouli came the other day and he disclosed the smuggling of my films to Chennai to watch secretly.

·         Jackie Shroff who I have not met came to Ambi Sambrama and spoke to me recognizing ‘Prema Loka’.

·         For Shanthi Kranthi the choreography and action block I have done it when Chinni Prakash and action director did not come on right time. With 5000 children I managed. The teachers from various schools told me ‘I am the best teacher’. This is a compliment. Such things in fact inspire us to do more work and accept more tasks.

·         For my long time friend Hamsalekha who has very good vibrations birthday I was asked to give opinion. I told them I would give a CD on it you can play it. It is fifteen minutes birthday wish I prepared with flowers, pigeons etc. Shot for it for one day, recorded it in half a day and what I felt ‘Thanks Raju for taking birth to me’ was from the heart.

·         For ‘Crazy Star’ film Hamsalekha is also lyricist. The vibration is so good between me and him that he had written one paragraph of the song in just five minutes.

·         It is not right to compare ‘Crazy Loka’ with ‘Prema Loka’. Not even one shot is equal to Prema Loka in ‘Crazy Loka’

·         The films I act with other directors I keep mum because they do not match to my thinking. They also will be with an attitude ‘You just come act and go’.

·         It was first HV Subba Rao writer who told my father N Veeraswamy that I would become a director.

·         There is no need to learn anything from universities. Cinema itself teaches everything.

·         In Manjina Hani the issue put forward makes every individual to sit and think. The politicians or corrupt people make money how long? Can they not stop it at one point and be clean is what I ask.

·         Look at what happened for Minister Suresh Kumar. He has taken the eligible site in the G category but throughout maintained as a ‘Clean’ man. For his reputation it should be awarded and not insult such a man.

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