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1 HOUR 40 MINUTES ONE TAKE FOR 2 HRS 10 MINUTES `Nam Areayali Innodina`
Posted date: 03 Tue, Jul 2012 ? 06:02:15 PM

It is a fantastic record again for producer Anaji Nagaraj with intelligent youngster Aravind Kaushik. Record is made on Tuesday as the five 5D camera, 2 Red cameras plus one small Gopru camera started whirring from 21 member team of camera department as eight prominent actors and 120 persons in all completed the shooting of the film in just one hour forty minutes. It is a reality recreated says Kaushik on his cherished film project subject.

The shooting is not even the duration of the film it is shown. For one hour forty minutes shoot audience would see a commercial flick ‘Nam Areayali Innodina’ of two hours ten minutes says Aravind Kaushik who looked extremely tired when he addressed the media at 10.45 am on Tuesday, he was with all his team members. All of them were looking visibly tired and exhausted with energy.

In the past film-maker Haroon Rashid shot the two-hour, 20-minute-long movie on a single camera in full HD format. Silent House a horror film was shot in 79 minutes duration in one take.

At Srinagar near Shamanna Garden locality the seven plus one small camera were pressed to action. In different places of the same locality the shoot was held with no hassles.

Ravishanker of Payana, Ajit of Patre and Gubbi, Sardar Sathya, Chetan Chandra, Kailash, Raghu Shimoga, Achyuth Kumar, Roopika, Rafiq and a few other actors completing the shoot came with director Aravind Kaushik and producer Anaji Nagaraj to address the media.

There are different emotions handled in this film says Aravind Kaushik who did Nam Areyali Ondina, Tuglaq in the past. He has put in one year effort on this film. Kaushik turned emotional in one of the shots during the shoot.

Prasad is the head of his team of 21 persons in the camera department. Arjun Janya has scored two songs for this film. Galbaski….song will be on top of all songs promises Kaushik.

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