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What happens if the third eye of Lord Shiva opens? It is destruction. If this ‘Shivarajakumar’ opens his third eye – meaning the inner heart on those who are causing troubles it would lead to various complications. I would not want that to happen.

In the last 26 years I have so many cheques pending at home. Nearly 25 producers owe me crores of rupees. When producers give advances we have completed the films after many years. In the case of Soorappa Babu also I have told clearly that everything would be sorted out after I come back from Sri Lanka. It is related to Rs.20 lakhs. On Saturday when I landed, I came to know about a complaint. I have discussed with Rockline Venkatesh and Ambarishji. It is a family of film matter. It should not go to the extent of complaint.

Now in the internet media Soorappa Babu says something on highly respected Toogudeepa Srinivas. He has no business to talk on such senior actors. There is no hand of either me or my fans. I am equal admirer of my father to Toogudeepa Srinivas Uncle. I have told many a times to my father he should use eye ball expressions like Toogudeepa Srinivas uncle. We are all in such a good admiration to each other.

I have told 10 producers recently to get a good story. There are already 10 producers pending. In the case of ‘Varada’ the story was not good. There is proper way and system when things are taken up.

Let Soorappa Babu sit first and solve the matter that is burning now. I will discuss later. As a matter of fact there is lot of dues from his during the ‘Bandhu Balaga’ time.

On the internet media uploading a clip, I have not even seen. I am poor at computers. I don’t know how to send messages. When I get messages I will call up and talk.

When we cultivate good habit there is difficult I feel. On the group’s formation and not coming out straight also Shivanna says there is no need to do like that. We all should go to Ambarish Uncle and explain. On the dubbing issue I was very clear to stop it. All should come in front and say with courage. There is no point in hiding things. After all it is not India and Pakistan issue.

Soorappa Babu is our person. Others can talk to media on certain things, I am not that cheap to talk. Wrong and right should be discussed in film family says Shivarajakumar.

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