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The Nagavara residence on Thursday was abuzz with activities. The 50th birthday of very prominent star of Kannada cinema Shivarajakumar was the reason for it.

We bring you the highlights of the event and the press meet held before Shivarajakumar went to meet thousands of his fans who were standing eagerly. The early morning arrival of Shivarajakumar from Mumbai after participating in shoot of ‘Kalyan Jewelers’ advertisement compelled him to meet the fans who thronged early morning. Shivarajakumar slept for a short time. The busy activities made him to visit Dr Rajakumar Memorial in the afternoon.

·         I had an advance happy birthday of 50th year in Mumbai with Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Dileep and Prabhu. I was shooting for ‘Kalyan Jewelers’ ad in Mumbai. Nagarajuna was first invited me to the 50 club. He is in fact 52 years. A cake was arranged yesterday and that was the first.

·         In fact ‘Kalyan Jewelers’ ad shot at the national level by Srikumar and Thiru in the camera is the gift of my 50th year.

·         I have not slept for last 48 hours. The 24 hours energy came to me from participation in the shoot in ‘Kalyan Jewelers’. It carried me with energy.

·         As usual surprises were waiting from my children and cousins in the family.

·         I owe everything at this 50th year to my parents first. My wife Geetha was sort of torch bearer.

·          I take permission to wear shorts. It is she who tells me that I have reached 50 years. Normally when I go abroad I wear shorts.

·         She reminds me that we have 25 years age daughter who is doing MS after MBBS.

·         The last 25 years in cinema has been a good plate of cake. My parents, family, Abhimani Devarugalu….and media extended good support.

·         I was corrected by media. Someone told me not to get angry.

·         The three best things in my life after 50 I want to happen are – 1 – I want everyone to be with me like how it is till my breath. 2. In case of mistake happen I want all should be as usual like before. 3. I want to become a father in law – my eldest daughter is doing MS after medicine.

·         She is first in our family but Varadappa family two are already doctors (this was told by Smt Geetha Shivarajakumar)

·         ‘Hennu’ has been closely guarding me. First it was my mother, next my wife Geetha and blessed with two female children.

·         Simplicity and oneness I have seen in the recent shoot at Mumbai for ‘Kalyan Jewelers’ moved me very much. I want such atmosphere in our industry.

·         I don’t want to head any engine. There are many repairers for it. I know ride is very tidy. Ambarish Uncle is our leader.

·         The best gift of my life is parents giving birth to me.

·         All three brothers together in a film not happening because of script.

·         I WANT TO BECOME A VILLAIN – villain should dominate throughout the film.

·         Love each other and sail well is important I feel.

·         Smt Geetha and Smt Mangala re-released ‘Shiva’ audio that is hitting on silver screen on 27th of July.

·         Shiva, Lakshmi and Andar Bahar – I am expecting good prospects. For all the three MS Ramesh is dialogue writer. Next film to come is ‘Anna Thamma’ with Kitty and Yogish.

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