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Posted date: 03 Sat, Nov 2012 ? 09:43:46 AM
Actor Premkumar, director Chandru and actress Megana Gaonkar are feeling cloud nine situation – reason for this is the lovely rushes they have seen recently.

The film ‘Charminar’ we are talking about featuring all the three in the camera work of KS Chandrasekhar has given big satisfaction already for key members of the film. ‘Charminar’ song shooting Cinderella Cinderella… Premkumar proposing Megana Gaonkar was shot by director R Chandru for his home production film in a lavish scale. A street set with various business establishments was set up at Abhiman studio next to Dr Vishnuvardhana Memorial place.

Premkumar in pure white costume was looking very young and dance director Murali was directing the steps for screen pair.

Director R Chandru addressing the media on this occasion stated that he has not made anything less. I knew the comment would come that I am controlling the budget for the film. It is not true. I have spent for my home banner like how I saw the investment for my other films he said.  He has plans to release the film ‘Charminar’ in December this year. It is not a sequel to Taj Mahal – it has a realistic story says Chandru.

In four get ups actor Prem Kumar feels fortunate. The initial doubt he had has been cleared by the rushes he watched. More confidence has come to him. Looking at the posters he has received lot of phone calls and yesterday when Premkumar and director Chandru were caught by police, he was not ready to believe that this is the same Nenapirali Premkumar. He is pahhy for such a fine role extended to me. The 10th standard, college going, middle age and forty above are his roles.

For lovely looking lass Meghana Gaonkar Ramesh Dumbla Hindi cinema costumer has prepared the designs and Meghana was looking extra gorgeous with her outfits. This is the last song of the film coming out well. This is very special and I am very sure to get good opening says Meghana.

Jhenkar audio has brought the rights of the audio. KS Chandrasekhar cameraman of the film was in joy because of the good shape up of the film.
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