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Posted date: 05 Mon, Nov 2012 ? 04:43:11 PM
Challenging star Darshan is ‘Priya Darshan’ in box office we all know. The biggest film of the history called as epic story of freedom fighter Rayanna is on the way to give epoch making results in the box office. Three days collection is Rs.9 crores gross and one hope for Rs.50 crore league in 20 days collection of the film.

Darshan getting warm welcome even from the industry friends, his phone call continuously receiving calls of appreciation was available for a few media friends on last Saturday night.

Here is what Darshan says on the film and his future thoughts:

  • I would not touch a historical film for coming five years.
  • Already ‘Veera Madhakari’ film has landed at my home for me to read. I have told them to prepare the script and give a reading. I don’t have patience to read such a huge book.
  • ·         My brother Dinakar after watching ‘KVSR’ told me this film would be at least three times bigger in collection. From the economic point of my films the budget of this film is equal to six films.
  • I have attempted for big scenes later. In the beginning finished easy ones while shooting for this film.
  • I went to theatre purposefully to watch the film. I had five calculations in me. All the calculations were met according to me.
  • I would tell only the fifth one – I expected people collect a few drops of tears for the last scene. That has happened. I was extremely happy for it. Had the last point not met I would have lost in my attempt.
  • ·         This film has proved one thing – in spite of rain people came to the theatres and good product is always appreciated by the people. Like how the running water cannot be stopped similar is the status for good films.
  • In December I am taking a tour to all the places and thanking the people for support extended.
  • In the last 11 years I have not received so much of response like how I got for KVSR. Many of the industry colleagues, artists and technicians called me up to congratulate. The rush of phone calls made me to switch off mobile at 9 pm.
  • On the coincidence I am baffled – August 15 birthday of Rayanna, 26th Jan he was hanged. The film got released on November 1. We had planned for October 19 but it could not be placed at that time.
  • ·         The case of Saurav is also such a coincidence. He played Balasaheb role. He was in the Punyathithi of Balasaheb locality.
  • ·         My next release is ‘Bul Bul’. After that ‘Viraat’. I have two more commitments. Agraja I have finished a few days shoot.
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