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‘When my wife passed away this Anup was just one and half years’. I was looking at this boy on his fate. My two daughters guarded this child like how a mother guards. In fact Anup has got two mothers! I was taking this boy to swimming covering in a hot cloth with an Amritanjan bottle. That is because the wish of my wife was to seen Anup play cricket in a big ground.

Sa Ra Govindu adjusting his throat out of emotions stated that after swimming when he was a child I used to run one battle of Amritanjan to him to get the heat. He was shivering after swimming. With such a care I have brought him. He is ‘Hatamari’. When we used to take him for shopping he was grabbing all he wanted. Even a pin he has selected should be brought home. That was his childhood ‘Hata’. Govindu is a sacrificing personality for his children. With a baby Anup at home many of his relatives and friends advised him to get married again. He took two months to think on this issue and finally passed a verdict that his children is everything for him.
Wiping tears from one his hands Sa Ra Govindu said one thing – ‘this moment of son becoming hero my wife should have lived to see’.
Surely it is rare to get such a kind of father like Sa Ra Govindu. Sa Ra Govindu speaking to one veteran Journalist and this reporter was speaking before his pegs got inside his tummy.
Later in the formal address Sa Ra Govindu stated he has brought up his son after destiny making a dash in his life. I know very well that my son is not prepared to become a hero. He has that inside urge to do something. He needs good support from media first. I advise him today in front of all of you that he should accept his mistakes and go on learning in life. In the making of ‘Dove’ for which my son is making debut I would not interfere in any way. I have also told him to pick the ‘models’ of Dr Rajakumar in his film career. From today my son belongs to this industry and media stated Sa Ra Govindu.
For a question on the title of the film ‘Dove’ Sa Ra Govindu replied that when he makes a film for his son it will be purely a Kannada title.
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