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‘Don’t pay me travel expenses from New Jersey to Bangalore every time’. Give me flight expenses from Chennai or Kerala or Hyderabad to Bangalore. I will be in Kannada films with some solid roles. I did not get a good role after ‘Poorvapara’ – This is one of the finest actresses of Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films Geetha speaking to media at Kanteerava Studios in Bangalore on Thursday afternoon. Truly unforgettable actress of Kannada cinema in the films of Dr Rajakumar, Dr Vishnuvardhana, Ambarish, Ananthnag and others in her successful career is Geetha.

Among so many languages she acted it is in Malayalam and Kannada she got wide recognition is also a fact.

‘I still love India very much’. The family I find here so closely moving is not found in America. A woman can do so many work independently is what I learnt after reaching USA. I am independent in so many works. In India I was getting support for regular works in the social life. It is not the scene in USA.

Looking plum Geetha arrived for ‘Judge’ role in ‘Meenakshi’ of director Sridhar Hegde. I have come this time for also a Kannada and Telugu assignment. I am staying in India one month and reaching my Chartered Accountant husband and son studying in 8th standard next month. Back to back I am traveling like this stated Geetha regarded as the sensible emotional actress.

‘I miss Dr Rajakumar very much’. Films like Shruthi Seridaaga, Akasmika and others still haunt me. In our heydays there was prominence to every character of the film. Now it is hero, heroine and villain centric films. The trend also followed these days – mother and son combination etc.’

Geetha is also expert in Tanjavur paintings in USA. It needs special care and in my free time painting is only my hobby she says. In our time the preparation was only at the climax scenes maximum. Other situations were told on the spot and we used to emote it.

Geetha also made a pertinent point that Kannada films are not available like the other languages films. Kannada films should come out from the boundary. Like the other language people spread out we have Kannadigas. Films have to reach them she recommends. In the days of Dr Rajakumar the efforts were made it would have been a good platform as the films had good enough stuff. In Malayalam – Mammooty and Mohan Lal took up the films to give a new market for the films. Kannada films should become ‘Broad Band’ she opined. The current heroes should take up films abroad she hopes.

Geetha with nearly 20 years of successful career in major south Indian languages married Vasan, a chartered accountant. The couple moved to New Jersey, where Vasan works as the CFO of an Internet company. Apparently Mr Vasan had not seen any film of Geetha so far.

Geetha has lost track of Kannada cinema after reaching USA. I am not able to pass any judgment or advice anyone. I have worked with actors like Trisha, Nayanthara, Asin, Vijay, Prakash Raj and others. There are so accurate and apt in their approach says Geetha.

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