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Posted date: 27 Tue, Nov 2012 ? 10:28:49 AM

Yee cinema people adhen ‘Dove’ Madthare Marayare! BK Srinivas avarige ‘Adda’ hogi ‘Dove’ Banthu dum dum dum! Director Prem avarige ‘Dove’ hogi ‘Adda’ banthu dum dum dum! For this many hours were wasted in the television channels and reams of newsprint were wasted too!

All for a remake film of ‘Subramanyapura’ to Kannada ‘Prem Adda’!

All controversy related to ‘Prem Adda’ has come to an end? Partly the controversy between Producer BK Srinivas and director Prem on ‘Prem Adda’ has come to an end in an interesting development.

Producer BK Srinivas has announced the title ‘Dove’ starring Anup Sara Govindu in the direction of Santhu. This title was registered by director Prem when he was in New Delhi during the shoot of ‘Jogaiah’ Kannada film. In fact ‘Adda’ was registered by Prem for a long time but when it was not renewed at KFCC it went to BK Srinivas via Sa Ra Govindu.

From the day ‘Prem Adda’ started on this year Sankranthi Day at Kanteerava studio producer BK Srinivas was serving letters after letter to Prem in city civil courts and at KFCC claiming that ‘Adda’ is his title and ‘Prem Adda’ cannot be given to Prem film. My ‘Adda’ is original ‘Prem Adda’ is remake stated BK Srinivas once.

Now adhering to elders BK Srinivas has agreed to give the title ‘Adda’ for director Prem is the fact at the outset. It is not true. It is purely an exchange offer between BK Srinivas and director Prem.

Director Prem has agreed to transfer the title ‘Dove’ to BK Srinivas and producer BK Srinivas has agreed in turn to give up his dodging on the title ‘Adda’.

Both went to court but the court in turn said it has to be solved at the Apex Body that is KFCC.

Today afternoon media address is arranged at KFCC to clear all the doubts and make way for ‘Prem Adda’ that is slated for release in the first week of December 2012.

Now the question remains – What new President of KFCC B Vijayakumar is going to do for the previous KFCC President KV Chandrasekhar verdict that ‘Prem and Adda’ should be in uniform font?

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