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It was a massive turn out at the audio release event of ‘Rajani Kantha’ on Sunday evening at Gurubhavan Maidan in Turuvekere Taluk of Tumkur district.

The emergence of super stars at regular intervals made this Event Manager Niranjan cultural event a successful one for producer K Manju. ‘Rajani Kantha’ by director Pradip Raj starring Dhuniya Vijay and Aindrita Ray is ready to hit the silver screen.

Two songs of the film – Sathak Sathak Hale Jeans T Shirt Harkond bitre…..a group song is sung by Duniya Vijay is mixed with ‘Harikatha’ style. The second song to screen on this occasion for over 30000 people was Entane Sent Hakkondu…Batani Tinkondu hogtidde…..are typical numbers scored by music director Arjun Janya.

Aindrita Ray and Arjun Janya were not present for the audio release event. After screening of songs it was Upendra and Ramesh Aravind entertained the massive crowd.

Producer K Manju appeared in three costumes – firstly in white shirt to indicate that he is in to politics, at the lighting of the lamp he was in dark check shirt and when audio was released he was in full suit. K Manju wife Smt Lakshmi and son Shreyas were present when Sudeep, Ganesh, Raju Gowda, Shankre Gowda, Naga Prasad of Ashwini Media Network on dais with Vijay, Pradip Raj joined for audio release.

K Manju is like jack fruit said Upendra. He is rough from outside and very sweet inside stated Upendra. Uppi was thrilled with the massive attendance. It is audience support keep all of us going. Neevu Superrrrooo….Ranga said Uppi. The enthusiasm of the crowd made Upendra to sing his favorite song Helkollak Ond Ooru…dialogues from ‘Raktha Kanneeru’ followed.

Ramesh Aravind addressing on ‘Nama Bala’ of ‘Rajanikanth’ stated how ‘Nama Bala’ of Sri Rama constructed bridge for ‘Vanara Sainya’ to reach Lanka. On this occasion Ramesh Aravind wished to direct a film starring Upendra in the production of K Manju. Manju has many achievements to his credit stated Ramesh Aravind.


The power of South India today Kichcha Sudeep attending the audio release event frankly admitted that he cannot become Dhuniya Vijay in building up muscles.

I would tell my producers who want to see me like Vijay to use his physique and my face to match in the computers. Sudeep had reason to explain like this with Vijay and Ganesh on his left and right at Turuvekere.

Sudeep recently joined the gym and his trainer took him for three days. On the fourth day Sudeep was very fast asleep because of the strain. He did not bother to go to gym and strengthen his muscles.

‘Nan Thaayane Naan Vijay Agak Agode Illa’ Sudeep admitted. Eno acting swalpa Channag Madabahudu but all girls started following Ganesh after ‘Mungaru Male’. Yaav Hudgiru Namman Moosalla…  Neev Hudgiru Yee range namag Kai Kododha….

Today we have come here traveling 135 kilometers is only because friendship and the love of the people. I had not come to this part in the past. Give encouragement we will be always coming to this type of places said Sudeep.

Turning to producer K Manju the agile actor Sudeep stated that he, Vijay and Ganesh decided to bring some shiver for him. He had come prepared with good costume. That’s why so much of crackers are burnt – Sudeep stated in a lighter vein.

Dhuniya Vijay on this occasion complimented Kichcha Sudeep by saying that he has grown looking at him. You are senior to me and Ganesh. Looking at your height and voice I thought of becoming like you. I came to shoot once continuously for five days to look at you. You are my real ‘Angry Young Man’ said Vijay. I have come behind you said Vijay.

Golden star Ganesh reacting to Sudeep affection said after Sudeep talking we have nothing to say. I was inspired from ‘Huchcha’. His voice and presence is great. He talks here it is heard in Bangalore stated Ganesh. Turning to jogging days with Vijay the actor of MM Ganesh said he was doing somersaults like a Monkey. We both went to Ranga SSLC for the song shoot of Dove Dove Duniya Kano….for four days I was on the sets. Cinema making is very difficult. Audience ‘Shille Chappale’ is very important. K Manju is a man with a good heart and mind. His films should win stated Ganesh for another thunderous applauds.


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