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It was another important day in the career of producer BK Srinivas = Benkosri as he is popularly known. It was 50th birthday celebration for very humble and affectionate producer that was laced with the launch of his new film ‘Dove’ starring Anup Sara Govindu in his debut and so is Aditi Rao in the second direction of Santhu of ‘Alemaari’ fame.

My wish is only to go on working. Work is worship is what I believe. From vegetable, milk selling, giving tickets in the counters I have struggled hard to come up to this situation. With the current position I can retire with no job. That is not my cup of tea. Earning 5000 I should get married is what I thought. Now I own a Kalyana Mantapa. God has given me enough to live happy. I am ‘Santushta’ disclosed Benkosri for a question. He is ‘Harsha’ today because his son Harsha is doing wonders in the latest technology.

Benko Sri received innumerable guests for the launch of the film that also coincided with his 50th birthday. Once again I have given complete responsibility of this ‘Dove’ cinema to Santhu, Umesh Kumar, Krishna Prasad stated Benkosri in his address.

I would keep up the belief kept on me ‘Belasuva Jawadbadi Nimmadhu’ stated Anup Sa Ra Govindu. Aditi Rao is playing lead role. She is from television serial to cinema acting.

A good story and screenplay plus producer so encouraging would make good film said cameraman Chandrasekhar KS.

ArjunJanya has composed five songs. One sorrow song he composed yesterday made him to go sleepless. There is an item song in a different pattern he says.

Appa Kulla adre Maga height! Look at the charm in the face of Anup = who can say like this? It is Jaggesh who complimented Sa Ra Govindu son at the media briefing of the film ‘Dove’.

Director Santhu seeing lot of responsibilities stated that there is good positive energy in the team. Give more courage than what you have given me for ‘Alemaari’ stated Santhu to media.

 Sa Ra Govindu disclosed that he has advised his son to just think of Dr Rajakumar once in taking any decisions. In case he makes mistake correct him pointed Govindu at ‘Dove’ media briefing.

Rakesh Adiga was not present at the media briefing. Actress Pragna will be in the cast or not will be decided soon.


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