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At the 100th day of a film challenging star Darshan in ‘Sandarshan’ is definitely like ‘Sudarshana’ chakra of lord Krishna (he is hero in Brindavana Kannada film launching for his birthday February 16). The reach of ‘KVSR’ all over Karnataka in the systematic distribution of HD Gangaraju and able support of producer Anand Appugol is mesmerizing.

Ask Darshan would you take up similar project. No so quickly he says. ‘Hudkond Hogolla Bandre Bidalla’ he says. The main development he had seen is not only in his family life but also in professional life and fans in general.

In the personal front Darshan son Master Veenith who is five years today sits on a horse with a stick in his hand and says ‘Hara Hara Mahadev’. The film has left such an impact in the young brain he says. Even my mother has liked the film and appreciated me says Darshan.

On the fans part he says they have taken the film first half because of this Darshan and second half they have seen ‘Rayanna’ in me. Why Darshan says like this is because the fans would not tolerate any hero being hanged. The fans show a sort of graduation in their thoughts Darshan has understood.

The result of ‘Sarathy’ and ‘KVSR’ tour is also having some great difference. I see nearly 50 percent turnout more and people speaking about this historical film is more he says.

This is the cinema that took the strain and time of six of my commercial films. I see no incoming in the last two years and it is only outgoing says Darshan. It could have been Rs.25 crores earning for six commercial films you say for which Darshan smiles and says you could make it even Rs.30 crores = after all it is your calculation.

The project of ‘KVSR’ was possible only because of Ramesh Babu cameraman of high reputation. I had seen people saying something and not doing it. I did not want that to happen.

On the future projects Darshan says he has accepted Anand Appugol film that is launching on August 15 this year. He has a film for producer Sandesh Nagaraj. He plays cop again in Ambari and Addhuri director AP Arjun direction. S Narayan project is not yet ready with script.

No No….for Sholay remake. That is not possible. I joke with my friend Sudeep – I play Amjad Khan and you Sanjeev Kumar – then who will do Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan.

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