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We have seen nine different heroines doing the role of ‘Nava Shakthi’ roles in a film of B Jayasri Devi ‘Navashakthi Vaibhava’.

Now one of the three heroines – Ramya Krishna, Anu Prabhakar or Pavithra Lokesh are taking on 25 different goddess roles. In Karnataka the goddess of ‘Adhik Parashakthi’ is in various names. All of them are performed by one actress going to different places in Karnataka.  In fact that song is only balance for Vemgal Jagannath Rao direction ‘Adhi Parashakthi’ Kannada cinema.

According to Hindu mythology ‘Adi Parashakthi’ is supreme power – creator, observer and destroyer of universe. The goddess Parvathi is ‘Adi Parashakthi’ with – Sattava, Rajas and Tamas qualities. Goddess is considered as true spirit, source of all other goddesses – referred as the power of ‘Para Brahman’.

Vemgal Jagannath Rao is showcasing the devotional film for producer Mahinder. Chalapathi has lent the story. It is social and religious in equal share. Vinayaprasad plays a devotee. Jai Jagadish does not believe in the power of God.

The film containing eight songs was released on Saturday evening by producer Mahinder. His friend KGF Commissioner V Balachander released the album. Producer Mahinder evolved Sri Dhanalakshmi Movies and released the album in the same banner.

I am happy because so far good work has been done by director Vemgal. He has not come to audio release because of ill health. We would shoot one important song for the film and release the film soon. A firm believer in god power Mahinder says Goddess blessing is there in making this film.

Music director Maruthi Mirajkar was also absent for audio release. Srichandru lyricist was present at the audio release. Instead of Long sharp weapon we have ‘Trishula’ in this film. The film has come out well he says.

At the time of audio release of the film Smt Jayasrikrishna, Srinivas among actors, story writer Chalapathi were present.

Lyricist Srichandru, singers Sujatha Dut, Kumari Gowthami were presented mementoes at the audio release. KGF Commissioner V Balachander expressed happiness on his friend coming to cinema field. He wished tremendous luck for his friend Mahinder.    

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