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As popular as a big super star is Sadhu Kokila. His arrival on Kannada screen results in laughter. Sadhu Kokila talent is heaps and bounds – he is an actor, director, music director, re-recording specialist, great human being and novel thinker in Kannada film scene.

We had half an hour chat with Sadhu Kokila on Monday night. Here are the excerpts of an expert called Sadhu Kokila.

·         Remakes are killing pill of Kannada cinema industry. We have to overcome this one day or the other. Even excreta of an animal found in the original our film makers do it as it is. ‘Naavu Halagi Hogthirodu remake inda!

·         Of course I have done remakes but in my own style.

·         For Kannada cinema industry something ‘Ulta’ should happen for the good.

·         I am a daily wage actor in comedy roles. I am happy with it. Sometimes the extra what I get I have returned it to the producer.

·         I have Anarkali still to complete. Prasad of Samarth Venture took up ‘Chandra’, he had even left that. I don’t know what happens to ‘Anarkali’.

·         I have Tony, Shatru, Myna and other films for re-recording. I have taken one month for ‘Myna’.

·         I am currently acting with Rangayana Raghu in ‘Chaddi Dosth’.

·         I have four subjects in my mind.

·         Subject No.1 what I told Munirathna for V Ravichandran to act. V RAvichandran said I would direct it. I kept quiet.

·         Subject No.2. That was supposed to start in place of ‘Katari Veera Sura Sundarangi’. ‘Katari Veera Sura Sundaranga’ was nothing but our own ‘Halo Yama’.

·         I have narrated the script of ‘Dhana Veera Shoora Karna’. It was with cast of Ambarish, Upendra, Darshan, Sudeep in the cast. Ambarish as Dharmaraya, Upendra as Karna, Sudeep as Duryodhana, Darshan as Bheema….this is how I planned. But the project got shelved.

·         Subject No.3 – I have a subject for Power star Puneeth Rajakumar – it is with border areas subject where five security heads converge. It is too heavy subject.

·         Subject No.4 – it is Dhum Maro Dhum….Cigarette Sedhabedi. I have girls of present generation in mind. The smoking habit among girls is more dangerous. I would definitely plan after ‘Anarkali’ completion.

·         The invasion of Digitla technology is moronic. People talk about making cinema in just Rs.30 lakhs.

·         Technology that should do well is not helpful according to me.

·         Sometime I think of doing Christian devotional albums and basic what I was during the days of Dr C Ashwath.

·         I am happy from the money what I am getting per day. Not from the roles what I do.

·         Out of 10 films at least in five films I prepare my own scene and dialogues. That is what the director also wants.

·         I have seen not even one producer saying let us do a ‘Good Cinema’. So many complications in mind they come to make a cinema.

·         I am from music background family. My father to this day goes to Chamrajpet Church and play violin for one hour and come back.

·         Our ancestors are converted Christians in those days of Plague.

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