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Posted date: 15 Fri, Mar 2013 ? 11:16:07 PM

With the news of ‘Myna’ facing trouble via copy right Act for the song ‘Kaanada Kadalalli….’from Lahari Recording Company that fetched Rs.5 lakhs for violations – no lesson has been learnt by our film makers.

The 40 seconds permission to use tunes and clips is also barred in the new Act. Now the trouble might crop up for ‘Topiwala’ Kannada cinema.

In more than two occasions ‘A’ Kannada cinema ‘Chandini song tune comes in the background, next is ‘Jogi’ Kannada film tune with the change in lyrics and lastly it is the 1984 Kannada film ‘Indina Bharatha’ song shot on Ambika ‘ Bharatha Matheyu Naanu Bandhandalli Iruvenu….(from Indina Bharatha – starring Shanker Nag and Ambika).

Fortunately all the above usages are not found in the ‘Topiwala’ audio CD that is in the hands of Anand Audio. They are safe.

‘A’ Kannada film audio rights are with Lahari Recording, ‘Jogi’ rights is with Ashwini audio and Indina Bharatha Kannada cinema rights with who is not known.

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