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The film with simple love story told in captivating style by debutant director and producer Suni ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’ has beaten some of the bigwigs in the last three and half months is a major breakthrough.

The film ‘SAOLS’ made business of Rs.10 crores plus in the last 49 days is a record achievement from Suni and his team.

The film made at Rs.1.20 crores in which only 75 lakhs is cost of production earned Rs.8.80 gross in the theatres and Rs.1.90 crore from the television rights sold to Suvarna satellite.

Suvi Cinemas ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’ is taking the cinema back after 49 from Anupama theatre mainly because of the poor quality of the theatre. The same theatre asked for deposit of the weekly rent when ‘SAOLS’ was released. Of course the collection is more than the weekly rent. Yet I do not want to keep the film says Suni cutting sorry figure on the state of affairs of the Anupama theatre. In the last 49 days they have not been able to replace a main bulb – that is the reckless maintenance besides others flaws he says.

In 11 theatres the film is reaching 50 days and most of them are in PVR, Inox etc. Bangalore, Dharwad, Davanagere, Hubli and Mysore theatres are celebrating 50 days of my film. I am arranging for ‘Samvadha’ in Bangalore after 50 days of the film he says.

On the new developments he says – ‘Bazaar’ my colleague Harish is directing from Suvi Cinema, Rakshi Shetty script is getting ready. It is ‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’ and after that I will be directing ‘Bahuparaak’. I would definitely polish my dialogues but continue the style of delivery of dialogues he says.

Suni is the convincing year of the 2013 – such director cum producer making entry in the first quarter deserves full appreciation.

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