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Posted date: 07 Sun, Jul 2013 11:25:56 AM

For this year happy birthday of Shivarajakumar there is some happy news. He is donning the ‘Jogi’ get up, his three varieties of posters of ‘Bhajarangi’ will be released and the new film ‘Kabir’ was disclosed to a few media persons who had gone to shooting spot of ‘Bhajarangi’.

What Subbaiah Naidu had done in 1947 and Dr Rajakumar had done in 1962 in Mahatma Kabir – this Kabir is totally different in the direction of state award winning director of Kabbaddi = Narendra Babu.

Apparently this ‘Kabir’ of Shivarajakumar is going on the floor after completion of three of his films in the line. On the get up of Jogi and ancient atmosphere Shivarajakumar is happy. Because of Harsha I was able to get six pack he says. The concentration for diet is what I am following he said.

At Sapota Garden in Bangalore Palace there were three sets – huts, wide field meant for horse training and a place for action portion was also prepared by art director Ravi.

Shivarajakumar for ancient backdrop in ‘Bhajarangi’ the counterpart if Harini. For the modern get up it is Aindrita Ray.

Director Harsha, producers Nataraj, Manjunath, actress Harini were present at the media meet.

Posted date: 04 Fri, Jan 2013 ? 03:51:21 PM

On Thursday the most popular super star Shivarajakumar was before the media persons with fine mood to speak on various matters.

On the eve of release of ‘Lakshmi’ Shivarajakumar spoke to media persons. He was looking thin and getting stiff with lot of work out.

Come let us say what the superstar adorable Shivanna has told:

·         I am not the earlier Shivanna. I know the economics of my film. When they say Rs.7 crore is common for a film I also know how much it has generated. Shivanna pointed to his film ‘Jogaiah’. I heard someone giving me Rs.2.5 crores. I know the facts of such inflated figures. I have huge list of pending remuneration.

·         This Shivarajakumar is always for Producers. I maintain it. What others should stop at is saying something and doing something else.

·         Don’t take me for granted and ride on me.

·         I have well wishers from all walks. I can go for my own productions.

·         I have a shade of Bond in ‘Bajarangi’ that is starting song recording for Sankranthi. For February 13, 2013 the muhurut is fixed by director Harsha.

·         February 14 I am leaving for Shabari Malai for Lord Ayyappa Darshana.

·         As of now for New Year new thing is that from last two days I am getting training from Mr Shetty. It is one and half hour workout. I have given up oily substance.

·         I have nearly 10 producers to take up films one by one.

·         My wife prepares good cake that I cannot say no. It is so delicious.

·         Kaddipuri is also with natural elements. There is ‘Machchu’ but it is not ‘Too Muchchu’. Soori and Krishna have done well. There is good message. Kaddi pudi is taken for ‘Kick’. What happens when he takes for kick you have to watch it on screen

·         Andar Bahar is also commercially different.

·         I have told Raghav Loki not to take up ‘Naane Rajajkumar’. Let the name be for my father.

·         I was extremely happy when K Vishwanathji doyen of Telugu films was there when the honor was given me to me.

·         K Vishwanathji told me that he wants to talk to me. I am ready on any day. When he said let us talk, I went to ‘Shankarabharanam’ days.  I have grown up seeing his films. I said I love you so much sir.

Posted date: 20 Wed, Feb 2013 ? 04:40:28 PM

It is a ‘Rangeen’ cinema from Harsha ace choreographer in his career after ‘Chingari’. This time he has got century star Shivarajakumar. It is ‘Bhajarangi’ with two shades in Shivarajakumar role. It is 105 days schedule and 75 years history is a part of this film. It is a straight subject for producer Nataraja Gowda director Harsha has prepared. Nanda Shakthi and Damu have worked in the screenplay of the film. It is the search of an youngster. He is unemployed and finds legendary developments in the past.

We are saying the proceedings with a force. Using Hanuman Chalisa in this film with Shankar Mahadevan voice plus there is Rudra Thandava in which Shiv is expected to dance with his knees – one of the many specialties says Harsha. I think ‘Bhajarang Dal’ know about my film they would appreciate. There is nothing they can raise objections. It is about good and evil. They have to feel happy like how we have showcased ‘Anjaneya’ informs Harsha. He is introducing three stage actors – Loki, Chetan and Madhu Guruswamy. He is shooting in five six schedules. There is forest portion in the film. In that portion the 75 years history is told in the narration by actor Sridhar of Sidlingu fame in 98 years get up.

Choreographer turned Harsha feels much respected to direct Shivarajakumar. From the time of ‘Inspector Vikram’ he is admiring Shivarajakumar. Seven action portions and five songs are part of this film. Arjun Janya is scoring music.

According to Shivarajakumar the story of this was narrated to him at the time of ‘Shiva’ film. Every person has a history. It is a common man history with two shades. I am getting ready with Six Packs abs for this film. In two months it will be complete says Shivarajakumar. For the power we are using some forceful songs. My dad’s songs on Anjaneya are mesmerizing.

Lovely looking Aindrita Ray has worked in the choreography of Harsha. She says lot of energy is needed to work with energetic star Shivarjakumar. I am how in my real life is the role too she says. According to director Harsha Andy role is also divine.

Nataraj Gowda a realtor fan of Shivanna from ‘Anand’ time is producer. He is supported by his relative Manjunath (producer and distributor). Jack Manjunath precisely is distributor of this film.

Shivaramanna, Bullet Prakash, Sridhar of Sidlingu, MS Umesh are also in the cast of this fantasy subject of Harsha.

The poster sketches in hand are prepared by Saleem. Jai Anand is also having fulfillment feel because he has grown watching Shivarajakumar films. He is in his 10th film as cameraman.




















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